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I'm Back!!! and better than b4

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Hey Ladies,

I haven't posted here in a while.

I had alot of health problems and food issues when I was last here.

I could not digest any starches, dairy, soy, gluten, etc...

I was misdiagnosed as Celiac.:bcb_mad2

I found a doctor who goes to my church.

She had heard of all the health problems that this "young" women was having. She contacted me and gave me hope!!!:bcb_up

After LOTS of testing this is what we found out.

I have an allergy to wheat & soy, my blood sugar was 43!!! Probably from lack of carbs. I was NUTRIENT deprived (malnourished) even though I am overweight. I had no gut flora!!!!! This was the main culprit!

I now take a yeast probiotic , florastor(not the same as yogurt) every day.

I will probably be on this for a few years.

My dr. had never seen anyone with no gut flora.

I had lost weight from such a restrictive diet.

I was down to 206 from 228 but felt terrible.

The florastor medicine has allowed me to eat carbs again and eat carbs again I did!!!:bcb_sick:

I totally went over board.

My dr. warned me that I would gain a little weight back because I went from no carbs to CARBS. And gained back I did but not a little, I'm up to 217.2 this morning. I've gone up this much in 6 weeks.

So, I'm joining WW today!!!

I'm going to follow core.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all again.


SW 233

CW 168

GW 155

Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Soy, Grain intolerant, nightshade allergie too

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Yvonne, I'm so glad to see you back! It's great that you finally figured out what was wrong and are starting to feel better. Hang in there, and we're all here for you. Hope to see you often! :bcb_bigsm



SW- 168


CW- 140


GW- 130

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Hi Yvonne,


Welcome back!! I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. I am glad you have gotten answers to your health problems. I have been having a lot of trouble with IBS and was put on probiotics this past week.

Judy S.

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another. ~Walter Elliott


SW: 253.4/CW: 160/WWGW: 148/PGW: ?


The President's Exercise Challenge:


Going for the Bronze-achieved 7/4/2009

20,000 pts.-100%



Going for the Silver-21220 of 45,000 pts.-47%

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Welcome back! Also, know that if you "gained" due to eating carbs again, you only gained the water you lost by NOT eating carbs.



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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