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Core Daily~Wednesday~Dec. 17

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Good Morning!


Up early again for work. It's icy out there today, so I figure I should leave a bit early, just in case. We have our employee Christmas Lunch today (I was hoping I'd be off when they had it :bcb_cry:). I'm bringing some core chili in case there are no good options. They usually have sandwiches, loaded with mayo, chips, soda, that sort of stuff. We'll see, maybe they'll have some fruit or veggies. The cake is easy to skip, it's always a sheet cake with that "lard-like" icing.


I have tomorrow off and hope to do some reading up on the new program. So far, I'm sticking with core until I can figure it all out. I have to plan THREE Christmas dinners, one for Christmas proper, one for the 26th (DH's family comes) and one for the 27th, when Dsis from VA comes with her family! I think I'll have pork on Christmas, a roast beef on the 26th, and a ham on the 27th. Talk about leftovers!! Of course, there's tons of cookies for dessert :bcb_huh:.


Well, I better get moving. Be back tonight. Hope you all have a great day! :salut



SW- 168


CW- 140


GW- 130

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Morning all,

We just have some nice wet roads here this morning. Back to work for me. 2 1/2 more work days this year. I can do this for sure. It will be crazy today.

I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done. Just a few odd and ins left. Nothing is wrapped though. :bcb_huh: I do a lot of gift bags.

My favorite gift so far is the digital picture frame that I got my mom. She will LOVE it.

Need to head toward the shower.

Make it a great day buddies.




Start(first time W/I)/Current/WWGoal/Personal Goal


April 26, 2008 Began my journey back to Goal.

5-9-08 Began Core

10-25-08-Made goal

12-4-08-Made Lifetime

11-29-09-Starting again



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Hi, Buddies


We got a little snow last night-not quite sure how much, but I have not heard any school buses go by, so there's probably a delay at least. Doesn't look like much out there.

I was supposed to drive up to RI with the kids to see my sister today. I hope the roads are still ok- we were all looking forward to it !!


Linda- Good luck planning for the work party. You can do it !!! Your chili is TONS better than anything they will have there, I'm CERTAIN !!!!


Sarah- Good job w/the Christmas stuff. i still have to shop for DH. AND have to stay firm with the budget. Should be interesting. I hate to shop to begin with...:bcb_huh:


Well, Buddies- I have to go lift weights for a while.

have a great, Safe, CORE day. I will, too


SW 230

CW 151.8:bcb_march

GW 130

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Morning all!


I was very surprised last night at WI - I was down 4!! I felt that I had had a bad week (dinner out Friday, Saturday & Sunday!) and would be lucky to stay the same. I expected a gain. I guess I didn't eat more than my WPA's after all. However, I did get off the scales & make the guy check that they were properly at zero & got back on to double check! I am at 175!!


Guess what - at the Herbalife weight loss challenge (they are running a 12 week weight loss challenge in my neighbourhood - & you don't have to use their products to take part, it's a cheap WI & group support for me!) I am in the lead for % of weight lost. And I'm not following their program of shakes etc - I am only following CORE! I am so hoping that I win!!! They are going to do the challenge again, and have asked if I would volunteer to help run it as I am 'motivated & knowledgeable' (used to be a nurse - so know quite a lot about good eating habits etc!) - I said I would certainly help out, but would not become a herbalife rep or ever sell their products.


I am off today, and plan to do some baking - need to make some mince pies. I think today is a good day to do it as I am feeling good about my weight loss, and that will hopefully stop me nibbling!


RW2L - good job on the shopping! Have a great day!


To all who follow - have a great OP day!

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Guest sodacracker

Hello early birds,

Day off today so I have to go and get one last gift and then I am done.


We have our first Christmas dinner this Saturday. It will be OK, it is my family, potluck and my mom makes a lot of dishes I do not like anymore but give her pleasure to make. There will be plenty of vegetable side dishes, I am bringing dessert and, while rich, it is quite small for 13 people so thin slices for everyone.


We are having another Christmas with DH;s family before Christmas dependent on snow and that is your traditional turkey and three veg and mashed potato meal. Pretty easy to manage and mince pie for dessert (:bcb_yuck:) means no temptation.


I am saving every WPA and AP for our Dec. 25 meal at a hotel restaurant which is having a spectacular lunch with roast goose, turkey, beef and an amazing selection of vegetable dishes. The last time I was there they had things like roasted asparagus with sauteed local apples, heritage tomato slices so it was really easy to pass on the high calorie dishes.


Off to shovel and gird myself for a trip to the mall to deal with finally picking a cell phone package.

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Hello everyone! Its been awhile since Ive posted here. School these last 2 weeks have been crazy. Then before that I had surgery, and it was a very very long recovery. I was in alot of pain, so I ate alot of stuff I sholdnt have to comfort myself. I have been fighting the sugar monster ever since. I also have very little time to exercise. This will end tomorrow- and I cant wait to get back to the gym. I have been able to maintain a 168.4, so it cant be that bad. I just want to get to my goal weight!!!!!:bcb_drill

Shani :)


SW 178.6

CW 168.6(last time I will type that number in!)

10% Goal: 162.4

GW 154


Here we go!!!:bcb_march

Looking forward to losing 12 lbs!


Moving on to my 10% goal!:bcbkickbu

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Good Morning! :wave:


I'm off to the gym this morning to take an interval weights/cardio class. I'm on duty at the school for hot dog lunch later on & will run a few errands while I'm out. After school Claire's got swim team (the boys finished their lessons last week) so I'll drop her off and come back to pick her up. DH is going to Kundalini yoga instead of me tonight (I'll go with him on Friday while the kids are at my parents' trimming their tree-- we didn't make it there last night) so I'll be at home with the kids getting closer to finishing off The Order of the Phoenix!!


Have a great OP day everybuddy! :salut


Linda- Great plan for lunch!


Becky- CONGRATS on the loss!


Bridge- Have a safe trip!


Soda- That Christmas dinner sounds *divine*!


Sarah, Shani & RW- Have a great day!


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Hello to all! Quick note to log my WI. Im up 1 pd, yet not too disheartened due to that ugly beast TOM:bcb_yuck: Gotta run busy day today,yet KUDDOS to BECKY Way to GO!!!

All other buddies, Make it an OP day:bcb_up


OOPS forgot to say GOOOO Black team and MICHELLE on BG!!!

Liz :bcb_wink3


SW- 176

CW- 169




11/2008 (-1.5)

12/4 (-.5)

12/10 (-1)

12/17 (+1):bcb_yuck:

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We've got ICE and SNOW...and FREEZING RAIN is on it's way! :bcb_grin


The Weather Beaver (:bcb_wink3) shows bad weather for the entire coming week. :bcb_huh:


We don't have a tree yet. I'm not decorated yet...And DH is in the GARAGE doing his exercise...and the thermometer inside says "32 degrees". :bcb_grin




This is going to be interesting.


Today I'm making minestrone. And we have the beans and ham. Good Simply Filling food~ :salut

May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.


Check out my website! Plant-Powered.com :bcb_smile








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Ice storm forcasted for central Illinois for tomorrow afternoon. I went to the grocery store afterwork to pick up a few things, not thinking about the weather to come and the store was crazy! I think everyone in the city was there stocking up.

I have been tracking all week for my WI on saturday. I have been staying with in my points and have been faithful....Im hoping for a loss.

Have a good evening all...dinner is almost finished.


SW 252/CW 217/ GW 150

Short term goal: below 200 lbs

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