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Biggest Loser Spicy Black Bean Soup

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Biggest Loser Spicy Black Bean Soup

POINTS® value 1

Servings 8


1 Tbsp olive oil

2 (15oz) cans of black beans

1 large onion, chopped

4 cups water

1 tsp minced garlic

2 Tbsp dried parsley OR cilantro

3 Tbsp ground cumin

1 (14.5oz) can Rotel (tomatoes with green chilies)

1 can (14.5oz) diced tomatoes


In a large sauce pan or medium stock pot, heat oil over a medium high heat. Cook onion until semi soft. Add everything else to the pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low, and simmer at least 45 minutes. Now take 4 cups of the soup and process in blender. You do want some chunks of veggies and beans...so don't get too carried away with blending.


1 cup = 1 point


*Notes: This soup is very good! It actually called for 2 stalks of celery, which I left out as I'm not a celery person. I portioned this out and have containers in the freezer. Yummy! Full of fiber!



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Thanks for posting this. I really could use some soup these VERY cold days, and I adore chilies and black beans!

~ Westie [sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]





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Guest Hearts&Flowers

I know it's getting warm outside, but I made this yesterday. This soup is really wonderful and hits the "chili" spot for very few points. I had two bowls for dinner tonight and really can't eat another thing - it's very filling.


I tweaked the recipe to add back in the two stalks of celery and used fat free low sodium chicken broth instead of water.

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