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Help!! Motivation NEEDED

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I kept falling off the diet wagon between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I did the unthinkable thing- I quit for the time. Big huge mistake and I knew better. I have been Off Program for 5 weeks. I desperately need to get back on program. I had to stop excercising also due to my back. My last of a series of 3 epidurals is tomorrow morning. I know I need to get back. i feel like i am eating myself to death. My fiance left Tuesday and will not talk to nor see me. We have been dating for nearly 5 years. I am so upset. I keep wanting to eat. But i don't need to. i am in desperate need of any support, motivation, encouragement, and suggestions to help me get back on the program. I told my friend at this point I feel someone should just lock me in a closet. Help! I feel myself spiraling out of control. I know God is in control yet I also know He expects me to do my part.

Any support that can be provided will be much appreciated!

Classy Becky:bcbkickbu


CW- 330 GW- 160

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Classy, Come on girl! You can do this! Take one day at at time, then another and then one more... Before you notice you have done an entire week! And if it is posssible to do it one week, it is possible to do it 2...


We all fall once in a while but " our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time we fall".


We are here for you, we all in the same boat. Don't quit! Come on, get up and kick butt! :bcbkickbu

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You must find a way....

Use faith or guts or what ever you need but you must find a way.

I find that often we know how to do it. We just need to rember why.





Climb The Mountain

I tried to climb the mountain today. As I inched my way up the path, I felt out of breath and had to turn back.

I tried to climb the mountain today. But, It was so hot outside, I thought I had better stay in my nice air-conditioned house and rest up for tomorrow's attempt.

I tried to climb the mountain today. On my journey, darkness started to fall and I was full of fear, so I had to return to a safe place.

I was ready to climb the mountain today. But I had so may other things to do, so instead of climbing the mountain I took care of the much more important tasks; I washed my car, mowed the grass and watched the big game. Today the mountain will have to wait.

I was going to climb the mountain today. But as I stared at the mountain in all it's majestic beauty, I knew I had no chance of making it to the top, so I figured why even begin trying.

I had forgotten about climbing the mountain today, until an old friend came by and asked what I was up to lately. I told him about all my plans to climb that mountain someday. I went on and on about how I was going to accomplish the task.

He stopped me and said, "I just got back from climbing that mountain. for the longest time I told myself I was going to try to climb it but never made any progress."

"I almost let the dream of making it to the top die. I came up with every excuse of why I could not make it up the mountain, but never once did I give myself a reason why I could. One day as I stared at the mountain and pondered, I realized that if I didn't make an attempt at this dream all my dreams would eventually die."

" The next morning, I started my climb. It was not easy, and at times I wanted to quit. But no matter what I faced, I placed one foot in front of the other, keeping a steady pace. When the wind tried to blow me over the edge, I kept walking. When the voices inside my head screamed, stop! I focused on my goal, never letting it out of sight. I kept moving forward. I could not quit because I knew I had come too far to stop now. Time and time again, I reassured myself that I was going to finish this journey. I struggled mightily to make it to the top, but I CLIMBED THE MOUNTAIN."

"I have to be going," my friend said. "Tomorrow is a new day to accomplish more dreams. By the way what are you going to do tomorrow?"

I looked at him, with intensity and confidence in my eyes, and said, "I HAVE A MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB."



B4 & After: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=202124

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I came across this poem a couple of days ago and I think you might find it motivating!!!


When you've eaten too much and you can't write it down

And you feel like the biggest failure in town;

When you want to give up just because you gave in

And forget all about being healthy and thin;

So What! You went over your calories a bit;

It's your next move that counts...So don't you quit!


It's a moment of truth, It's an attitude change;

It's learning the skills to get back in your range;

It's telling yourself "You've done great up till now;

You can take on this challenge and beat it somehow."

It's part of your journey toward reaching your goal;

You're still gonna make it, just stay in control.


To stumble and fall is not a disgrace

If you summon the will to get back in the race;

But, often the struggler's when losing their grip

Just throw in the towel and continues to slip

And learn too late when the damage is done

That the race wasn't over and they still could of won.


Life-style change can be awkward and slow

But facing each challenge will help you to grow;

Success is failure turned inside out

The silver tint in the cloud of doubt.

When you're pushing to the brink, just refuse to submit;

If you bite it you write it... But Don't you quit!

Author Unknown

SW: 239.0 (12.30.10) CW: 233.6 (01.05.12) GW: 150

Loss: 5.4 lbs thus far

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Becky (((hugs!!)))


You have some great advice here already. I can only add to go to the Training Manual here on BCB and read as many of those posts as you can. Some of them are filled with such hope, inspiration and determination. Maybe something there will speak to you and help you get your journey started. Good luck!

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@ anaem3

Wow, that is a great motivational poem! I will copy paste and then print it so I can read it when needed. Thanks!


@ classy_beez

I am sure you will be fine, just start, leave the past holidays behind and look fresh to the future!

You can do it!!

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Hi Becky:


You can do this journey. We are all there with you. Track your food, get some exercise (just walk around the block or take a walk at noon hour - it doesn't have to be miles). Hungry, or think your hungry- get some celery/baby carrots - cut them up and have them at the ready in the fridge or at your desk at work, etc. Eat as many as you want. Eat some fruit - grapes are great as they don't need to be cut up - just grab, wash and eat :). Apples are good too.


Make sure you eat enough protein. A lot of people don't. Protein keeps you full. Measure your food. You will be surprised how much you get in say chicken/pork loin chop, etc. Personally, I will overeat a little in the meat dept. if I'm hungry, rather than grab that second piece of a carb (bread, potato).


Eat as "clean" as you can I would say. That means don't drench everything in sauces or dressings, no matter how low they are in points. Sauces and dressings do nothing to keep you full.


Get busy and get started. Just starting back is half the battle. :strong:



Be the change that you want to be.

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I agree. Sometimes it only takes reading about someone elses motivation issues to recognize the same things you're dealing with and realize that we all struggle with similar stuff. That's what helps me, at least.

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classy_beez I hope all these comments have inspired you...I am new and I am choked up at the support being shown here! Don't give up, pull yourself back from that spiral!


@cw & @ anaem3 both of those writings are worthy of printing and taping into my food journal.

Thank you for sharing!

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