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Delta Force Daily ~ Weekend!

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Kimberly... sorry to hear about your DH... OUCH!!!


Looks like everyone else had a great day. It's finally warm here again. I'm so glad the weather got nice for Cindy's visit. When I got home from work I decided to take a walk around the lake for an hour. The park was so crowded, I was dodging kids, dogs and baby strollers. I decided to leave the park and just walk around the neighborhood. I live a block away from the historic district, so there are some beautiful old homes and large oak trees. I had my I-Pod, walked to the beat of the music and probably did 4 miles in an hour. It was a beautiful afternoon.


Ed was at my house when I got home. I showered and made dinner. Chicken and black beans with onions and peppers wrapped in low fat tortillas with salsa. It was sooooo good, quick and easy.


Welcome Kelly... Delta Force rocks !!! You'll love it here.


Well.... my dance instructor gave me a flash drive filled with about 300 West Coast Swing danceable (is that a word?) songs. I've got to try to figure out how to get them into my I-Pod and also make a few CD's. I am electronically challenged. I've spent hours trying to do things correctly with my I-Pod. I do have songs loaded, but it happened by accident. I have no idea how to do it correctly. It's so frustrating....


Have a good night y'all. Take care.

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