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Chicken Broccoli Cheese Soup

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I made this last night, a variation on the cheese soup recipe, and it was very good. Served it with light english muffins brushed with olive oil and broiled. It was so filling I didn't even think about eating the rest of the evening. :bcb_up 2 very filling, healthy points for dinner.(with the muffins)


1 large can (48 oz) low sodium chicken broth

2 medium potatoes (diced)

1 bag frozen broccoli

1 small onion

3 oz. light Velvetta cheese

1/4 cup of FF milk


Cook potato, broccoli, and onion in the chicken broth until the potatoes are soft. Take out about half of the veggies and set aside. Add cheese and milk and stir until the cheese melts. I used a hand blender at this point to puree the soup. I chopped the cooked veggies into a fine dice and added back to the soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. 5 out of 6 in my family gave it a 10!! ( there's always one party pooper! :bcb_wink3).



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GW- 130

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Love that variation Linda. Will try it and loved the soup!


163 SW/164 CW/145 GW

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Hi Linda,


Just out of curiousity, what size bag of broccoli did you use? I ended up putting in 2 lbs.


I did a couple of things different. I had a chicken carcus, so I cooked it in the broth with chopped celery and onions. Man, it smelled good. After adding and cooking the broc and pot and blending part of it, I added the chicken and celery (about a cup of each). The rest was according to the recipe. The sample taste I had was delicious. I'll bet it will be even better tomorrow after all the flavors have time to meld.


Thanks for the recipe.


Review: It was very tasty! We had lunch, gave DM a couple of cups and froze 4 cups. I'd definitey make that one again.



237 - 1/3/6

198.8 - 12/30/08


"Live each day as if it's the BEST day of your life!"

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