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How Much Exercise is Enough to Lose?

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Hey buddies,


I'm getting ready to get back into exercising, but I was wondering how much and what I should do? I have a gym membership and I have exercised in the past, but I'm 250lbs now and not the 135lbs I used to be. I used run 5km a day, but now I can barley run 2 mins. I know weight training is important, but I'm wondering about the cardio?








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Amy, my advice would be to start out slow. Find something you enjoy doing as you are more apt to keep up with it. And you'll have to find what works for you. I'm down about 70+ pounds with a ways to go, and find that I need cardio at this stage of my weight loss journey to lose. I prefer to exercise outside - walking and I've been running for a year. When the weather is bad, I have a few DVDs that I do inside. I'm not a gym person.


Good luck!



Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest. ~ unknown


RESTART 8/25/2012


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Guest starbrite

Just choose something that you enjoy doing, and you will look forward to doing it. it can vary every few days and that's okay too. I started with getting an ipod and filling it with my favorite music and using it to walk the dog. I started walking him 10 minutes daily to now an hour easily bc my favorite music lets me go on for a while.


I recently got a treadmill at home and make myself go on it minimum 10 minutes a day, but once I start it's hard to get off.


You can do many things without spending money. Make a mix tape and walk to it. Have a buddy, spouse, kid, pet and walk with em, it's a good way to get some personal time in. You could grab your cell phone and talk on it.


Strength training is also very fun. Why not see some of the workout videos on weight watchers.com and tell yourself to try two a day? You can set side time aside or else do them during a commercial tv break or when u wake up in the morning.


The important thing to remember isn't how much you do, how you do it, hwere you do it , when you do it. it's that you do it!!! like nike says-just do it.


something is better than nothing!!!


i used to tell myself i will jog these many miles a day, sometimes i did, sometimes i didn't. now i say "just 10 minutes" and that is more realistic to get me to attempt to do it. the whole these many miles a day sometimes intimidated me and made me lazy to try it out. now ten minutes isn't much for me, so i just put on my workout clothes before i can talk myself out of it, and time flies by . i bought a treadmill at my home for my convenience sake and i feel really silly not being able to spend 10 minutes on it atleast daily.


starting off small is the best way to go. bc you are more likely to stick to it and eventually build on it.

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