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Weight watchers german scalloped potatoes

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We received this recipe at our last WW. meeting.


5 cups (24 oz.) sliced cooked unpeeled potatoes

3/4 cup chopped onion

3/4 cup chopped celery

1/4 cup Hormel bacon bits

1 (10 3/4 oz) can Healthy Request Cream of Celery Soup

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/4 cup pourable Sugar Twin

1 tsp. prepared mustard


Preheat oven to 350 F. Spray 8 x 8 in. baking dish with butter flavored cooking spray

In a large bowl combine potatoes, onion, celery and bacon bits.

In a small bowl combine celery soup, vinegar, Sugar Twin and mustard.

Add soup mix to potato mix. Mix well. Spread mixtre into prepared baking dish.

Cover and bake for 45 min.

Uncover and continue baking for 10-15 min. Let it set for 5 min. on wire rack.


Divide into 6 servings at 3 points each.


Each serving equals: HE: 1 Br., 1/2 Ve., 1/2 Sl., OC 135 calories, 3 gm. Fa, 5 gm Pr, 22 gm Ca, 581 mg So, 35 mg CI, 2 gm Fi

Diabetic 1 1/2 St, 1/2 Ve.



Be the change that you want to be.

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I wondering if this is sweet, sweet. or does the amt. of sweetner match the vinegar? I guess I can make it and taste it before adding all the sweetner, hmmm. Looks good!

~Nancy in SJ


HW 152

CW 144

GW 138


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Anybody try this recipe with Splenda vs. Sugar Twin ??? Is the sweetening factor the same ??? (BTW......does the "pourable" mean the Sugar Twin is a liquid vs. a granulated product ???)


Thanks in Advance........




HERE WE GO AGAIN !! :bcbkickbu


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