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I think it's under "Poultry Entrees: Recipes forums" (if you want to read the responses): :bcb_smile


Here it is::salut


"This is a recipe that I saw on television about 6 years ago and have been making it ever since. The name of it means Get Lots Of Protein....but it also described its appearance! Pretty it ain't, but EVERYONE who has ever tried it loves it...it's just getting someone to try it that's the hard part!! It's VERY easy to make....only 4 ingredients..... and is GREAT for breakfast or quick lunches. I usually make a double batch because hubby packs it for a lunch and the kids love it when they get home from school. It has 12grams of protein per serving and it's only 2 Points!!!




26oz jar of any salsa (I use Great Value brand from Walmart)


1 pound extra lean ground turkey, cooked, broken up as for tacos etc


1 cup cooked rice (the following values are for brown rice as that's all that I had)


24 oz carton fat free cottage cheese


Throw it all together in a bowl and stir!

That's it! We like to eat it wrapped in a tortilla or with tortilla chips. It's good hot or cold.


Nutritional Values

Makes 17 - 1/2cup (120g) servings

Per serving:

105 calories

.7g fat

.9 fiber

12g protein

2 Points!


-Dawn "

May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.


Check out my website! Plant-Powered.com :bcb_smile








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