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Pilates - how many APs?

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I am post-pregnancy and just starting to exercise and be OP again.


I'm beginning to start a Pilates DVD ( it's Windsor's 20 minute workout ). How many APs it?


And then when I step back up to the longer workout how many APs should I mark?


I had a c-section so I'm trying to start back slowly. I'm hoping after a couple weeks of the DVD and some upper body weight lifting I will be able to get back into speed walking and then running.


Mom to baby Boy born 9/18/05

Mom to baby Boy born 5/8/09


SW (7/1/09): 168

CW (8/13/09): 166.5

GW: 145

Height 5'7


August goal: 8 pounds

168 - 166.5 - 160

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I usually only counted the Windsor 20 minute Beginner as 1 AP. I don't sweat, and I never really got "winded." I count the full workout as 2 AP's.


WTG getting back "on the wagon!" :bcb_up


(And congrats on being a new mom!)


SW- 177

CW- 143 *
Lifetime Member - 8/13/08 - GETTING BACK THERE

"Adding calories to a bad day will not make it any better!!"

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One point sounds good.


OMG! I am in Silver Spring TOO! lol! So cool! :bcb_up I am near the Glenmont Metro.




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