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New and ready2stepup...Would like a buddy...

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Good Morning BCB! My name is Kelly and I am 22 years old. All my life I have battled with my weight. I have been to my highest of 180lbs and to my lowest where I was truly happy of 110lbs. Through the years I have gone up and down up and down. Its like a never ending cycle and I know I only have myself to blame. I have been looking around the website lately a lot. Ready posts by members seeing what its all about. Finally this morning July 12, 2009 I decided that today is the day that I start my program again and I decided this morning was when I would be signing up for this site which I did! YAY! haha I have been off and on program saying Ill start now or Ill start tomorrow or Ill start again in a couple days because life is to complicated or because I have this event but ya know what...No matter what life is always going to have complicated situation there will always be an event but that is no reason to go off program to to sabatage myself. I have to stop making excuses for myself and just do it. I am a stress eater I have come to terms and also a bordom eater. When I get upset or stressed or I find there is nothing to do I eat. When this happens I tend to go on binges where I will eat everything there is in site. I will jump from one food to the next pasta to a sandwich to chips to ice cream to candy to cereal back to a sandwhich. Its actually really disgusting and I am tired of it. There are other ways around stress like exercise a walk writing coloring something...There is always something to do if bored. Eating not being one of these options unless truely hungry. I am ready to step up and be accountable for my actions. I am ready to step up and have a new understanding and a new relationship with food. I am ready to step up and be who I want to be in the body I want to be in! I just know I am going to need someone or someonessss to just help support and kick me if need be. I know when it comes down to it its only myself who can help me but you all seem to be a type of family here supporting each other and helping. I would like to be a part of that. Not many people in my life understand why I feel I need to lose weight or need to watch what I eat. They dont understand that its what I want.

Here is my plan:

~Stay within daily points and allowance each week


~Drink water

~Stay positive

~Post each day


My starting weight is 120lbs...Thats a daily point target of 21. My goal is to be down to 110lbs. Its not that far off but the way I have been eating is bad and I need to get myself back into it. After all this isnt a diet its a lifestyle and I need to start that lifestyle and understand that this is the way it is. I am ready to step up to the new...I am ready to begin and continue through all complications and events and temptations. One good decision can lead into another and another. I can do this I AM worth it!


If there is anyone that wants 2 start a buddy system of dail check ins please let me know I would love it!!


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Welcome, and good for you for taking responsibility.


Emotional eating is a challenge and now you are taking steps to meet that challenge. Way to go !!



SW: 197 / CW: 141 / GW 135


:bcb_march One Day at a Time !!

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Hi Ready2StepUp, WELCOME!


Sounds like you are committed to reach your goal - that's the first step on getting there! Those last few seem to be the hardest for so many of us.. myself included!


Today is a fresh day for me as well, I post on the Delta Force thread - join us if you'd like!





Made Lifetime 3/08/2000

Never since returned to starting weight... However, I have had to recommit from time to time... and get this back into order. This is NOT a diet, but a lifetime way of eating.

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