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Daily Accountability- Day 2...Input greatly taken!

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Coffee w/ Fat free creamer 1 pt


3 egg whites 1pt

1 cup mixed blueberries and strawberries 1pt

Toast 1pt

On toast was 1 tsp promise butter 0pts and 1tsp jam 0pts


Tomato soup 4pts

Mix green salad w/ vinager 0pts


Small apple 1pt

Yogurt 2pts

10 baby carrots 0pts

Sugar free chocolate pudding 1pt


Chicken 3pts

Broc/Cauli 1 cup mix 0pts

Sauce 1/2 cup 1pt

Moz Cheese ww stick 1pt


nature valley granola bar 4pts


Daily Target: 21pts

Used: 21pt

Left: 0pts

Allowance: 35pts

Activity Earned: 2pts



10 ounces plain

8 ounces plain

32 ounces plain

32 ounces orange crystal light packet

32 ounces plain

16 plain

12 plain



Julian Michaels 20 min circuit= 1 activity point




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