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Day 4 Accountability...Input great!!!

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Well I did not post my accountability yesterday but I will be truthful...I was TOTALLY OP!! :) I did great I have to sayyyy! Yay!


Well for today this is my plan up until dinner...



Coffee with fat free creamer 1pt



Cereal w/ 1/2 cup milk 3pts

1 cup mixed blueberries and strawberries 1pt



Crab meat with broc and turnips 2pts



Apple 1pt

Banana 1pt

Cherries 1pt

Pineapple 1pt

Almonds 100 cal pack 2pts

Carrots 0pts

Pudding 2pts

Yogurt 3pts

Graham cracker 1pt



Mix green salad 0pts

Yogurt 3pts



32 ounces plain

32ounces propel packet in it

16 ounces plain

8 ounces plain



30 minutes total body= 1 activity point


Daily Target: 21pts

Used: 22pts

Left: 0pts


Allowance: 35pts

Activity points earned: 4pts

Activity points used: 3pts

Activity points left for extra weekly intake: 1pts


Today was a little rough a little more hungry then I would of hoped but I did stay in daily and weekly allowance. I was very stressed today and I am a stess and emotional eater. I acknowledge this and I am happy and feeling strong that I made as many good decisions to stay within my daily and weekly allowance and I did not just throw in the towel which a few times I thought of doing. A few times I thought to just eat and eat and not care but I kept reminding myself although WW is a diet in the end it really isnt its a lifestyle its a learning tool. I can not just throw in the towel and give up because of stress and emotion. I have to work through all situations and deal with each thing as it comes. I have to make the best choices and step back and listen to my body. Am I really hungry? Do I really need food or am I just doing it because its whats going to "help" at that time? I so far tonight have over come these urges to give up and I want to succeed in doing it the rest of the night. With this positive attitude I believe I can...and I WILL. This is my life my goal and I will not let anyone or MYSELF get in the way. Each day each situation each bite is a learning experiance and a positive step. It is a step to get me stronger and help towards my goal. I will and can do this and overcome anything! Stay strong I tell myself stay strong!! andddd I will and am! yay! haha


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