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Feeling positive and great OP! :) Day 6...

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Well here I am day 6...Completely OP drinking lots of water exercising daily. I am feeling strong...Feeling positive...Feeling greattt. This week is way different then other times on the program. In the past I have cut myself short counting points for veggies where I didnt need to but did because I felt guilty and this time im not. Last time I would eat the same thing over and over again day after day. Same breakfast lunch and dinner and this time I am not. I promised myself I would switch it up and not be consistantly having the same thing. I told myself this time with the program I am going to take each rule and follow it for what it is and not make my and cut cornors. After all the program is designed the way it is because it works. If it didnt it wouldnt have so much success it does and people would not be succeeding. This time round on my day 6 like I said I am feeling strong and positive. I have today and tomorrow and my first full week is complete and I am looking forward to saying I did it. After each day OP I feel determined to do it again and each day of wanting to do it again I feel that it gets easier. :salut Well here is the start to my day 6 accountability....



Coffee w/ fat free creamer 1pt


Oatmeal 2pts

Unsweetened applesauce 1pt

1/4c cottage cheese 1pt


Apple 1pt

Celery 0pts

Cherries 1pt

1/2c blueberries and 1/2 strawberries 1pt

Carrots 0pts


Soup 2pts

Salad 0pts


Chicken 3pts

Cauliflower and turnips 0pts


Daily Target: 21pts

Est usage: 13pts

Left: 8pts


Allowance: 23pts

AP earned today: 1pt

Weeks AP earned (include today): 8pts

Weeks AP used: 7pts

AP left: 1pt



Will write in later how much I drank today




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:bcb_up :bcb_bravo You're doing AWESOME!! Keep it up buddy, and you'll have success!! :headover:





Made Lifetime 3/08/2000

Never since returned to starting weight... However, I have had to recommit from time to time... and get this back into order. This is NOT a diet, but a lifetime way of eating.

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Wow, you're doing really great!!! It IS a wonderful feeling, isn't it??:salut And I love all the fruits and veggies you're getting in! Don't forget your dairy & your healthy fats! I'm happy for you, buddy!:bcb_smile

---Katie, CEO of Me, Inc & living my new-normal

highest:375(fall '98),5'4"//11-19-08 WW restart:277//current:247//2nd 10%:225//NEXT MINI GOAL:239//goal:150

*He leadeth me.

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