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Help!! Which point value do I go by??

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Ok this is my problem. I buy the perdue individual packed chicken breasts. When I go to the local grocery store and get the package with only like 4 or 6 individual breasts in it the point value on the package yeilds 3pts per breast but when I get the huge bag of the individual breasts from costco of the perdue singles the point value yeilds 2pts per breast. Which do I go by?? arent they the same thing??...Also on the bag from costco it says 4oz is a serving and there are 26 servings per bag. I weighed the breast this morning raw and in the package and it says its a little over 8oz of meat. Do you count raw ounces or cooked ounces when doing points?? and is the value on the bag for the raw value or when the chicken is cooked?!?!? ahhh so confused!!


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