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Out to dinner adventure

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Hi I wanted to share something from my DD and me going out to eat the other night.

We went to Long Horn. I would usually get a grilled stead salad,but was very hungry this time around. I looked and looked at the grilled Salmon..I normally would not get fish at a steak place..but i did.

OM Gosh....it was like the most wonderful thing i have ever had!

I carefully picked my sides to stay on plan and had a salad.

I told my husband i would NEVER have a steak there again.,this was my new love!

When i was grocery shopping i thought about buying some salmon and grilling it myself...i did manage to find some from Wa. (usa)

Only thing it was 13.00 for 2 /6oz steaks....wow! I just could not afford that for the family..plus i know 6oz would not be enough for my DH and the teens.

I think i should become a fisherman! hahahaha


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I've only had salmon once a long time ago at my sister's house and it was horrible! But, I honestly think I would like it now...my tastes have changed, AND I think it was a cheap salmon steak :bcb_grin. I've just been afraid to try it again since that one time about 20 years ago...I think I should get over my fear and just try it...I really do think I'd like it now!

Kelli from MN


"change happens one day at a time"

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Salmon is a SUPERFOOD! :bcb_bigsm


I love it!


I always look for a grilled salmon salad...Mmmmm...


I'm glad you found a new "love", Rhonda. It keeps things interesting, doesn't it. :bcb_smile


It's so expensive, true. That's why I mainly eat Costco's tilapia loins (totally delicious, also). But maybe you could get yourself a small chunk of salmon when everyone else is having grilled hot dogs or hamburgers...? :bcb_smile


Kell~ It's definitely time to give it another try:salut; your tastebuds really DO change! :bcb_smile:salut




May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.


Check out my website! Plant-Powered.com :bcb_smile








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I LOVE salmon! I almost ALWAYS get it when I eat out. I don't cook it often at home anymore because it has gotten SO expensive! I used to buy it in bulk at BJ's.


When eating it out I always count several points for unknown added oils etc.



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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Salmon used to be my favorite food. I would order it anytime we ate at a restaurant where they had it. A few years ago I developed an allergy to it. Since I developed it after I was tested for food allergies I was so sure that if I stayed away from it for a time I would be able to eventually have it occasionally. After not eating it for 3 years I had cooked it 2 days before we were going to fly to Denver. I should not have done that as I was so sick and I still had to pack and get ready to leave for CO. Now my favorite fish is Tilapia.

Judy S.

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