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Zero point Foods allowed per day??? HELP please!

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Ok ladies and gents question here...How many non vegetable zero point items do you allow yourself a day? For example...Condiments, dressings, spray butter, crystal light/propel drink packets, syrups, etc...you get my drift...Have any of your team leaders told you to limit this zero point non veggies items to a certain amount per day? I have never attended meetings but I had a friend that did and she said her team leader told her to limit these zero point servings to 5 per day. What are your thoughts? Should I be doing that? Is there a number you were told by WW or team leaders? Should you really count these zero point condiments that arent vegetables?...I am wondering this because even though they are zero I know after time things add up just like if you double a serving of something thats 2pts it not all the time is 4pts sometimes its 3 or 5 or whatever. So please any thoughts information about this is greatly appriciated! Thank you ahead!


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