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First week .

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Hi everyone .


I finally got started at the WW class at my town on Oct 7th .


Well my scales have lied to me ;) ,

they show me 4 kg lighter then I really am . Bummer !


First week went great , had a hard time to get enough fruit and veggies .

I solved that by eating one piece of fruit every break I had during work !


And it payed off !

I lost 1,4 kg my first week ! ! ! YAY !


Still have a little problem eating at a regular time when I am home ,

it's easier at work were I have regular breaks .


But I'll get there !


104,3/87,7/70 kg

229.5/193/154 lbs

Lost so far : 16,6 kg / 36.5

10% lost on Dec 23th !


* Live life to the fulliest ! *

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That is wonderful progress.

Well done:bcb_up


Don't let the difference in the scales at WW and the ones at home disappoint. Pick which ones you want to use consistently and enjoy the changes you are bringing.


Confucius said: Man with two clocks never sure of the time.






B4 & After: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=202124

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