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Which "helpful habit" is challenging for you??

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If you have the WW materials you are familiar with the helpful habits. I am not going to explain them thoroughly here. I DO think it is good to support WW by attending or joining online and getting the materials. PLUS it is GOOD FOR YOU to get the materials and attend meetings or do it online if you can!



Anyway, there are eight of them:

  • Monitor Yourself
  • Manage Your Environment
  • Manage Your Feelings
  • Ask for Help
  • Prepare Yourself
  • Learn from Experience
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Manager Your Thoughts

There is a quiz in book 4 to help sort out which (few) are challenges for you. This was new in 2008 (I think) and SO helpful I think. We all stumble for DIFFERENT reasons and it helps to know WHAT they are so we can WORK on them! The materials talk about how to work on them.


For me, monitor yourself is big. I've been struggling with my big cutback in activity, cutting back to something normal but so much less than my summer activity level! SOOO, I really need to reconsider how much I eat. And SERIOUSLY pay attention to my satisfaction level AND choices. I was starting to GAIN WEIGHT while technically being "on program"....I was overeating filling foods. Hardly even TOUCHING my WPAs, but overeating.



I need to focus on eating the "purer" filling foods (vs. their more energy dense versions that we tend to gravitate toward) and REALLY focus on my satisfaction level. Some tricks for doing this include:

  • journaling
  • eating sitting down
  • eating at the table and without distraction
  • taking smaller portions and seeing if it's enough
  • reacquainting myself with what SATISFIED feels like
  • relearning that I LIKE that feeling of satisfied vs. full
  • stopping (eating) when I still feel like I can go for a brisk walk
  • wearing clothes that FIT (not loose clothes)

Today I took ONE baked oatmeal for breakfast instead of my usual TWO. Yep, one was enough today!:bcb_wink3


I had gone to bed STUFFED:bcb_huh: on Thursday night. Granted partly it was due to three huge mugs of tea before bed, but STILL...Last night I went to bed feeling GOOD, woke up with an empty stomach and BOY does THAT feel GOOD!:bcb_up I LIKE that feeling on the low end of satisfied and hadn't felt it for a while. I really need to re-learn how to eat small amounts of food, because I do NOT need large amounts right now!


I'm really finally feeling BACK in THAT groove:bcb_smile!!


SO, what is the helpful habit that trips you up the most??? There's probably more than one...but it's good to focus on one or just a few.


How do you WORK ON IT?


What strategies do you employ to combat:bcbkickbu your challenging habit???



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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The one that is something I need to work on is "Monitor yourself." Sitting down to eat and eating mindfully are the two things that I have as a part of my journal. When I do them I put a check mark next to them. At first I was putting a mark when I DID NOT do them and that seems to be self defeating to me. Now, I can see that I did them_________ many times today. Positive reinforcement.


To define "eating mindful" is to eat slowly, putting the eating utensil down between bites. It is enjoying every bite instead of inhaling every bite. It is also eating with out the detraction of something to watch. I'm concentrating, or should I say setting aside time to enjoy my meal. To do this will cause you to find your full button easier and quicker. Well, it is not that easy, when you are in the "American" habit of grabbing, stuffing and going. You would think that people with "food issues" would eat more slowly so they could enjoy the food that they "love," but we don't. Something is wrong with that picture. :bcb_cry:

*Irene* Thin for Life: Yes!

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