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plateau problem HELP

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i've been 10 weeks on the program and have lost 7.6 lbs. I have been on a plateau for 4 weeks now and am extremely FRUSTERATED. I have tried not eating my extra points. I have increased my exercise (to cardio 5 days/week + strength). I have gone over my food journals and everything seems to be okay - drinking water. Any suggestions????(besides keep doing what I'm doing)

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Are you eating your AP's?

Exercise and Water is good.:salut

How about Fruit and vegs




limit alcohol

Recheck your points target

Recheck you measurements

Show some menus and let us see what you are eating.

We can work through anything together




B4 & After: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=202124

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Just like CW says, check your basics. I think WWers ALL check their basics on a daily basis as it is so easy to fall out of them or miss one of them that you need. Even one as simple as getting your oils can be KEY to losing. So check and be mindful of them everyday for as long as needed or forever (in my case lol).


Regarding your exercise, make sure you get enough water and rest! Also make sure you get enough food. If you do TOO MUCH, you will start feeling pain, aches, irritable, and unhappy... That is a sign you are overtraining. Overtraining can cause your body to go into damage control mode where it hordes calories. Making sure you get enough energy and protein and carbs and fats helps your bady cope and not horde energy. So Eat APs, experiment with light workouts every other day. You can make light workouts longer by going easy for a longer time (going 1/2 to 2/3 speed). Also some might say strength training every day is not helpful, but there are two sides to that arguement and I can help you with that question later. Please answer CW's questions and we can help! I am not as good with food, but I like to think I know exercise.




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Diddo to what everyone else said. Post your menus as this often is the biggest culprit into why we don't lose weight.


One thing that has worked for me to get over a plateau was to do something completely different. I find my body needs to be given a little shake-up every now and again. When I've had a plateau I tried a new form of exercise for a week or completely changed my menus for the week. Once I decided to do no activity at all for 1 week just to give my body a break and the weight dropped off that week! Not sure if this will work for you but no matter what you do, don't allow the frustration to sabotage you. Stay on track and you will eventually lose the weight.




SW: 198

CW: 145

WW Goal: 148

PG: 140

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