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SF Daily~Wednesday~Dec. 2

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Good Morning Buddies!


Uggg! I need a minute or two to just relax! :bcb_cry: That's not going to happen any time soon! bcb_sad Oh well, it's that time of year and I know you guys are in the same boat!


I work today and Friday and tomorrow I have to figure out how to pack up the basement as DD and her fiance are moving back in on the 18th! They are the ones who live in MD right now, but he got a new job and they are moving home. (:bcb_up) They've been working with a realtor and will be buying a house. They don't want to get stuck in a lease so they can move as soon as they close sooooo, they'll stay with us until that happens. Should only be for 3-4 months. What's two more people AND two more dogs!! :bcb_huh: :bcb_wink3


I'll be back later, hope you all have a good day! :salut



SW- 168


CW- 140


GW- 130

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Linda, you are seriously like the energizer bunny!


Not much going on today. Lots to do at work, but it's a manageable amount. Just finished my greek yogurt for breakfast - I have an obsession with that stuff! :)


I told DH last night to pick ONE thing he wanted me to make for the holidays and he chose peanut brittle. Made me happy as it's easy to make AND not something I really care for. Easy peasy! I think I'll also buy a roll of premade sugar cookie dough and let Elise make a few cookies. That will be the extent of my baking this year.


I'm on a mission to finish my Christmas shopping today! Just a few more things and I am done. If anyone has a Costco membership, they have really nice, really inexpensive photo gifts. I especially love their photo collages!


Oh, since Sue asked, I will happily share a few new pics of the kids: :D


I call this one Tom Cruise of Risky Business days:



Elise on her 2nd birthday:



She LOVES to drum, even on brother's head:



And finally, I made Elise a Brobee cake (from Yo Gabba Gabba, her favorite show). It was my first decorative cake EVER, and I was so proud of how it turned out!



This is what he really looks like:


SiFi - 114 lbs gone, 80ish lbs left to lose

DS: 1 year

DD: 2 years

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Yep Linda IS the energizer bunny!!!!


Amy, thanks for sharing the pics! The kids are beautiful as always AND the cake is VERY impressive. My mom used to do cakes like that for our birhdays. I never did:bcb_blush....I admire those who do though! Your Christmas baking plan sounds good, not yet sure what I'm doing. We have some traditions I don't want to break!


Normal day here. Work and then there's an info meeting for TnT/LLS that I'm going to tonight! Hopefully we'll get a few more participants for the Tahoe ride!


I had a bad night last night. Valerian has been working well for me but something went wrong last night and I was wide awake at 2am. I had meticulously planned to get back into the swing of early morning spin classes. Since when I do them I then have time for even MORE spinning on my own for a total of well more than an hour (more like two) of exercise in the morning and I swear that is what works for me! I just feel better when I'm getting something like 2 hours per day of execise! Anyway, I ended up sleeping in and spinning at home for 30 minutes, which is fine. But I had SO prepared to be up at 5:15....grrrr...another sleepy day despite all those plans and getting to bed early! Enough complaining!


Make it a great day buds!



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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hey buddies!


Amy - great to see you back. Sorry to hear about the melanoma, but good it's dealt with. DH had a malignant melanoma removed 15 yrs ago - I knew it was scary when the dermatologist asked if we could go back in his lunch break as he wanted to remove it that same day. Like you the area was re-excised, and he's not had any further issues. I do keep an eye on his moles & I am 'freaky mom' with my kids & sunscreen! Well done on the loss, and even more well done for continuing with your weight loss while going through a stressful time.


Also - the pics are fab!


Linda - your house is going to be full of chaos & you'll love it!


Lynn - wishing you a better night tonight.



Anyway, have to go & feed my buddies cats. She is on a beach in Mexico this week!


Have a good day!

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Good afternoon, Buddies!


Busy, busy, busy.


Just as we had finished sorting laundry this past weekend, we found our dryer is dead. Fortunately there's a decent laundromat not far from home - we did nine loads! - and today I called an Angie's List provider to get someone out to do the repairs. Earlier this week I found the manufacturer's guide online, downloaded it, and tried to go through the troubleshooting list - I think the main control board is dead.


Neither DH nor I feel comfortable doing repairs on electric components - DH actually replaced a part on the washing machine and saved us some big bucks a few months ago - so I'm okay paying for someone else to handle this one.


We came to an agreement with DD about laundry - I'm tired of conducting a search party to do hers, so I told her that she could do all hers by herself, or we could do a family laundry day when we grab everything at the same time, sort it together, and get it all folded/up on hangers (to avoid having the clean laundry sit in a pile on the floor all week...her favorite thing to do is throw the already-clean laundry back in the dirty hamper...which I discover the next week.:bcb_mad2 ) while we are watching soccer. She agreed to the latter. I think it will be a good way to teach her to get it done by herself.


Yet again I'm working like crazy and time is flying. DH is making pasta tonight, so I'm going home to a nice dinner...


The Christmas theme popped up while I was finishing this post...wow, time is flying!

No time for personals except to say THANKS FOR THE PICTURES AMY!!! Your kids are so adorable...


Hugs to all...

Veronica the Pushy Core Zealot

SW 196.2 - 7/3/6

WWGW 146.0 - down 50.2 in 24 weeks!

CW 131 - 65.2 lbs gone FOREVER!

Lifetime - 2/12/7

My Chart Before & After

Simul justus et peccator

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WOOHOO I always LOVE the holiday motif!!!!!!!:bcb_smile



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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I love the Christmans theme too!


AMy as always the kids are adorable. They are so photogenic!


Linda, your life is a whirlwind of activity. I know you love it and love having your kids around!


Lynn, you know sometimes you have to listen to your body and sleep. I do the 5:45 am spin class M, W & F but sometimes you have to just sleep in! I hope you sleep tonight.


HI Becky!


I am in busy mode also getting ready for our party and spending money like crazy! Oh well, tis the season huh. Right now it looks like around 40 people. Good amount but full house! So much to do at last minute. No sense cleaning too much before Sat and Fri is cooking the pasta day. Meatballs are made in freezer, just have to make sauce (gravy to us Italians)


Have a good night. Have to go watch Biggest Loser on DVR!


163 SW/164 CW/145 GW

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