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WW and "Clean Eating"

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Hi All!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season :)

I am about to re-commit and am taking a somewhat different approach this time. This time is about my HEALTH first and foremost. While thats always been a factor, my desire to fit into my skinny jeans or strut the beach in a bikini was my driving force (although I must admit achieving either of those would be great too)

I am hoping to find some advice on "eating clean" and detoxifying foods that I can incorporate into my new lifestyle? Do any of you follow a similar "diet"(hate that word)? What are some good resources to gather more information on this?

Let me specify I am NOT looking to fast or juice long-term or become a 'raw' foodist (I have a friend who is and frankly I dont have enough time to pseudo-prepare my food)

TIA, you guys are great

"Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagined."-Thoreau



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The easiest way to eat clean is to prepare all your foods. It's very hard to detox or eat clean if you buy packaged/prepared food.


Stick to foods closest to their natural state. Eat fruits and veggies raw. Cook your own whole grains (rice, oats, etc). Soak your own beans and pressure cook them for soups, stews, chiles, etc. Limit sweets to fruits and home cooked items.


If that's not realistic, then go for organic and look for things that have the least amount of ingredients (especially MSG derivatives, preservatives, additives, etc).


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