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My Primary Goal/Intention for Today Is.... January 14, 2010

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How are you doing on your intentions? Even though it has been crazy busy this week, I've been hanging in there with my intention of exercising and tracking EVERYTHING I eat!


Today's intention is to:

*30 minutes of activity that makes me that I'm going to die because it is pushing me to do more than I think I'm capable of doing (done...and, note, I DIDN'T die :bcb_up )

*Tracking EVERYTHING I eat

Note: I follow the Winning Points program :salut


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I'm continuing to work on 3 things: 1. Stay OP 2. Exercise, and 3. Sit down eating. The OP and Exercise are going well. I am doing a lot better with the sitting down. I'm not there, but I will be. It is a habit I want. I'm not working from the view of what I don't want, but what I do want.


Dr. Julie, keep on tracking and it will get easier, and that goes for the exercise and food journaling.


Determination today leads to success tomorrow!

*Irene* Thin for Life: Yes!

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