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curried cocnut squash soup

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I was wondering if anyone could help me with points for a soup I have in the slow cooker

One med butternut squash baked with spices

5 cups chicken stock

one can coconut milk

I am guess about 3 pts a cup but I dont for sure?

any help would be great


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Hi Sunnygirl. I tried to put your recipe into WW e-tools, but your ingredients list was pretty vague. What I input was:

2cups of cooked butternut squash (e-tools only gave measurements in cups/oz/lbs/tbsp/tsp/grm so I had to guesstimate.

40 oz of chicken broth (I didn't calculate for FF chicken broth since you didn't specify)

1-15oz can of coconut milk (I didn't know what size can you used)


The total points for the entire recipe came out to be 35 points. I don't know how many servings your recipe ended up making, so I can't give you the points for the individual serving sizes.


Hope that helps somewhat!

HW 251.8 SW 237.5 (03/18/13) CW 225.8 (4/15/13) GW 165 (tenative)

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