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SiFi Daily~ Monday 5th April

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Morning all!


Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.


We had a very multi-cultural Easter Sunday - we took the kids to China Town yesterday morning, & then we spent the afternoon with our Greek neighbours & their extended family. They roasted a whole lamb over a BBQ. The first time we saw this our oldest was only 18 months old. He woke up in his stroller next door, saw the whole lamb on a spit & shouted 'DOG'!! We then had to show him that our dog was still at home! The kids from next doors party had fun in our garden on the trampoline & in the treehouse. We were the only non-Greek people there, and made to feel so welcome.


Today we have a friend & her son coming for lunch. DH is back to working on the deck. The wetaher looks more like April today though, our 27C temps are gone for a while!


Have a good day buddies!

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Hey Buds

We had a beautiful Easter.

Now off to the beach-DH has the day off so we will, too.

I just packed lunch, am going to hang laundry and off we go.

I already ran 4 miles on the treadmill, and had a yummy yogurt/fruit smoothie.

Feeling good !

Have a good day, Buddies


SW 230

CW 151.8:bcb_march

GW 130

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I spent yesterday at church, then riding my bike, then meeting my parents for a late lunch/early dinner at a restaurant and then riding my bike again with DH!


Becky and Bridget, sounds like you had great weekends!


Bridget, have fun at the beach! How nice it must be to live so close to the ocean.


Becky, have a fun lunch!


I'm headed out to try out a 30 mile ride I came up with on googlemaps, I think it's going to be hilly! Plus I'm riding to and from the start point, so it should be a nice long ride.


Obviously, I'm not at work today but I DO have my meeting tonight to lead.


Oh, this morning DS1 and I drove to a spot to look for my riding partner's car key. Didn't find it. But it was a beautiful drive (where I have only biked) and there were covered bridges and other cool things DS took pictures of. It really is beautiful around here! Sometimes I don't appreciate it even on a bike!


Make it great buds!



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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DH and I went to church yesterday and then had a quiet Easter with just the two of us. We had a nice phone conversation with DD #2 on Sat. and DD #1 on Sun. DD #1 is having knee surgery tomorrow to repair a torn ACL ligament. My appointment for a nerve conduction test is Apr. 23 but I am still hoping for a cancellation.

Judy S.

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another. ~Walter Elliott


SW: 253.4/CW: 160/WWGW: 148/PGW: ?


The President's Exercise Challenge:


Going for the Bronze-achieved 7/4/2009

20,000 pts.-100%



Going for the Silver-21220 of 45,000 pts.-47%

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