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SF Daily- Tuesday, April 13

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Hey, Buddies

Quick start to our Tuesday

Hope everyone is doing well.

I have schoolwork, 3 kids'dentist appts, and need to get the house straightened for our guests this weekend.

Off to breakfast-I'll check in later- already exercised-5K on treadmill this am.

Make it a good one !


SW 230

CW 151.8:bcb_march

GW 130

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Hi Bridget and all other buddies to follow! Quiet here so far today!


Bridget, you're on the go as usual. I guess you get some down time at the dentist? I always enjoy sitting and looking at magazines as I won't do that unless I'm essentially FORCED to!


It is raining here. I can't bike on Tuesdays so it's okay if it rains:bcb_wink3.


I'm back at work--I should take EVERY Monday off:bcb_grin! Looking forward to summer, I'll get LOTS down with no work and no broken arm!


Had a meeting with a hostile parent. Hostile for NO REASON...geesh...her DH is in jail...I don't know why, but man, SHE seemed capable of violence over nothing!


I have my usual line up of work then WW meeting. I want to make more chili tonight and perhaps apple oat pudding. I picked up another crate of apples yesterday.


Well, make it a great one buds! :salut



I bike for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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Good afternoon!


Odie is fine after his surgery, he was funny last night as he looked 'drunk'. He is slowly getting used to his lampshade collar, and is banging it into things a bit less. He isn't happy at only going out in the garden on a leash though, and the short walks aren't really what he wants - but that's life for the next week for him.


I have the first meeting tonight with our city Environment Committee. The committee makes recommendations to the Council. I had to be interviewed as 24 people applied for 3 spaces - I was very happy to be selected. My mission is to reduce the garbage collections from 2x a week to 1x, and to replace the garbage collection with a compost collection. I would compost if I didn't have to keep it in my garden (not a big gardener).


I am also trying to think what I will take for my Show & Tell for my final French exam. I have to say 4 or 5 sentences about whatever I take. Lots of the class are taking pics of their kids / pets, so I want to do something different. I am contemplating baking something (enough for the class) & then talking about whatever it is. It's not bribing the teacher if everyone gets a sample, right? :)


Have a great day buddies!

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DH and I took 2 paintings that DH's great grandmother painted to an art restoration and framing place to have cleaned and restored. We also are having another picture framed. I also having my cousin’s christening gown which my mother embroidered framed in a shadow box. So far I am impressed with this restoration place. We first got estimates on framing the 2 pictures at Michaels and was not impressed at all. I had no help from Michaels but the art restoration and framing place made suggestions which I really liked. I can't wait to get them back but I will have to be patient as it is going to take 3 months to have the paintings restored. Other than this I may get a little house cleaning done.

Judy S.

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another. ~Walter Elliott


SW: 253.4/CW: 160/WWGW: 148/PGW: ?


The President's Exercise Challenge:


Going for the Bronze-achieved 7/4/2009

20,000 pts.-100%



Going for the Silver-21220 of 45,000 pts.-47%

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