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SF Daily Tuesday, June 8

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Hey Buddies

Hope everyone is doing ok.- I am the busy housecleaning lady today. We got the upstairs-bedrooms and bathrooms cleaned yesterday

Today will be the kitchen/great room, den, dining room, bathroom, laundry room. I'm going to get the kids to tackle the playroom/schoolroom downstairs. I did 8 loads of laundry yesterday and hung it all out to dry. Included were sheets, blankets,clothes,etc. I still have not washed the boys bedding. Ran out of daylight sun-drying time !!! I'll add that in today.

I had a great OP day yesterday, and am on track for today.

Hope to hear from some buddies toay-have a good one


SW 230

CW 151.8:bcb_march

GW 130

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Hi bridget & any others who may stop by!


Haven't been here in a few days. Saturday was a crazy day, DS had his 11th birthday party & then we had our street party.


We've had bad nights with the younger DS - Sunday night he had a migraine at midnight, & last night I was at the Childrens hospital ER until 1am as he had an asthma episode.


Today we took all the pet food that DS collected in lieu of gifts to the SPCA. The boys got a tour & it was very hard to come away empty handed. They have so many cats & they are having to euthanise them. They avaergae 22 cats coming in per day at this time of yr, and 7-10 going to new homes. DS was very proud to contribute the food, and the staff made a lovely fuss of him.


The boys had the last 2 days off school - back to normal tomorrow i hope!

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