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Arby's Roast Chicken Ranch Market Fresh Sandwich

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The Roast Chicken Ranch market fresh sandwich has always been my favorite thing at Arby's. I went to Arby's today for lunch, and found out that it's actually pretty low in points for fast food at only 7 points with the ranch sauce and 5 without it!


I just got the peppercorn ranch on the side and put a little bit on so I could control how much was on it. A little bit of the ranch really went a long way and gave it a lot of flavor. It is a big sandwich too. That and a baked potato with a smear of butter really filled me up, and I was ravenous. The baked potato was 4 points, so about 10 points for lunch isn't so bad for fast food. Also, it's on the $5 combo menu so you get all that plus a drink for $5. :bcb_up


The whole sandwich with all the ingredients:





Individual ingredients:

Roast Chicken: Cal- 90, Fat- 1, Fiber- 0

Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch: Cal- 70, Fat- 8, Fiber- 0

Tomato Slice: Cal- 5, Fat- 0, Fiber- 0

Red onion rings- all 0

Lettuce- all 0

Sourdough bread- Cal- 190, Fat- 0.5, Fiber- 2

SW: 196.6

CW: 193.0 (-0.3 this week)

GW: 140

Starting date: 5/25/10


Weigh in Wed!

"Strength is the matter of a made up mind" -John Beecher


"A goal without a plan is just a wish"





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Guest krey945

Thank you for this recommendation, it was really good. The only thing that I thought may be a little off was when I ordered my ranch on the side, I think they put more in the container than the actual sandwich so if you use it all it may end up being more points than the sandwich with the sauce on it.


The taste was really good. I just got the sandwich and it was only $2.99, for lunch! yay!

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Guest Karleye92

Thank you for posting this!

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