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Update to: Is it normal to lose NOTHING even when staying OP and exercising?

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So I've been going to the gym faithfully and eating within points etc. and still really haven't seen the scale move.


Monday was the first day back at work after summer vacation. So I saw a lot of people that haven't seen me since late May.


The principal's secretary immediately said - "you look like you've lost a LOT of weight!"


Two more teachers today told me the same thing - they wanted to know how many pounds, how many clothing sizes, etc.


I'm still at less than 1 pound down from the beginning of summer. And when I bought new clothes, they weren't in a smaller size - but I found that it wasn't hit or miss as to whether or not I could fit into that size. Everything I tried on that was "my size" fit. Before, some things would fit but others would be too tight.


So I guess I have my answer! I am not losing pounds, but I am losing inches. Eventually, perhaps the scale will catch up to my body - but for now, I'll keep working out and eating right. Personally, I'd rather lose nothing but have people notice that I look smaller than lose a bunch of pounds that aren't evident to anyone!


And another NSV: I seem to have developed quite a bit of definition in my legs, esp. my calves. I was shaving this morning and sat on the edge of the tub with my leg inside the tub. As I flexed, there was a big 'ole bulge where my calf muscle is! I thought WTH is that???? Then I realized - THAT is what hours of zumba and elliptical trainer with some strength training will do!

SW:233.0 CW:233.0 GW:160

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I have experienced the same thing. I have been doing strength training with a personal trainer since April and have only lost a tiny amount of weight since then. However, people are making comments about how much more weight I have lost. I also know my clothes are a little looser.


I have found that I need to eat some of those activity points although. My trainer says I need to eat protein after the workout to help maximize the benefits of the workout. That uses a few more points.


I do wish I was losing faster so I understand your concern.


SW 311.2, CW 168.4 Total lost 142.8 5'1"

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