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Changing your WI day...

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I joined online on Monday because I found a coupon that offered $10 off the first month with the Monthly Pass. I weigh in on Saturdays but since I signed up on Monday it designated Monday as my weigh in day, and I can't change it for a "few weeks." NOT HAPPY. If I had known that I would have waited till Saturday before signing up.


If I go to a meeting on Saturday will one of the leaders there be able to change my WI day? I know they can do things in their computers that we can't do online.


I also was wondering if I'd be able to WI at all on Saturday since the computer is counting Saturday as part of my week. I know with monthly pass I can go to as many meetings as I want, but I actually want to WI on Saturday, but I'm guessing that I won't be able to. :(


Can someone help me out?



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Just go in on the day you want to be your meeting. They can probably weigh you in as a visitor. The sticker will not show your loss or gain but you can do that with a calculator. Then next time you WI on your regular day. The sticker will eventually catch up with your losses. No person or computer can force you to WI on a day you don't want to be there. Just go in and you'll be fine.


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You have the ability to change your weigh in day in eTools, but that function has been disabled for a short while.


To change it you go into your Weight Tracker, click on Settings in the upper right, then Edit next to Weigh In Day.



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