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SFT - 28/365 - Friday...What's for fun for you this weekend?

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Have to start this. Hope you dodn't mind.

I had to have some new online rules, so I need to be off by 9:30.


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We have a fun weekend ahead....Tomorrow is ds's PINEWOOD DERBY for Cub Scouts. His first one. His car is all made and looks great. Plus, he is proud of it and really contributed to making it.

THEN,tomorrow, dd5 is going to her first friend bday party - a girl from preK, and tomorrow night, dd9 is having a friend sleepover for the first time. I am so happy for her. She has planned a movie, doing hair, pizza, girl talk...all in one night. I love kids! Sunday, dd9 and her Brownie troop (I am the leader) are going bowling. So, looks like a good weekend ahead. Now....I better get cleaning.


My "diabetic" type eating has really been helping me. I don't know what else to call it. I am eating 4-5x a day, trying to balance protein with healthy carbs, trying to manage my blood sugar.


I do know that I have been slacking on the veggies. They are always the first to go for me. Need to work on that.



8:00 - coffee

9:00 - smoothie




d - planning falafels and ww spaghetti


Have a great day. Hope all are well and healthy.


Like I said, I need to severly cut back my online time, but do not want to cut it out all together. so not sure when I will be back today.


Hey, where is Kimberley??


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Guest sodacracker

Home day with DS so a slow and relaxing start to the day.

Kimberly posts over on the 30's board - that's kind of her home board, so I go over there to check with what she is up to.


I bought a very large bag of fresh, cleaned broccoli florets that need to be eaten and another equally as large ( like 2 pounds each) of stir fry mix so there are the veggies for the next two days for our family of 4!


Weekend, hmmm....swim and music lessons for DS plus a movie evening at karate school. DD works Saturday and is at a birthday celebration tonight for a friend turning 18. Girls only, out in the country at the rural home of the birthday girl and the whole thing wraps up at 10 (host parents rules, and I thank them :bcb_smile) and DH will drive as I hate night driving on rural snow covered roads. I am helping at an event tomorrow, and want to try out walking poles on Sunday at a conservation area while DH X country skis.


I feel lighter so that helps me stay motivated. Monday WI people - stay focussed for two more days

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Guest chellybats

Hey buddies, I promise i'll be back for more personals. I'm just feeling VERY nauseated for the past 2 days, urgh.

My couch has become my best friend :)


27 WAPs used - 0 APs earned.

Breakfast: Smoothie 3/29

Lunch: Bean Burgers (just the pattie) 10pts and 1/2 smoothie 2 pts. 15/29

Snack: Green tea with honey (1), brought in apples. 16/29

Dinner: BBQ Tofu (8) and smoothie (3) 27/29


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Hey buddies! :wave:


I must have sensed you guys talking about me before I clicked on today's link! LOL :bcb_grin I was coming here to say that I feel badly for not being able to keep up. I've got the daily on the 30's board and the weekly on the Delta Force. Plus helping CW with the moderation duties. I am finding that I can't keep up with another daily thread!! Jeff & I have been going on morning walks lately so that is cutting into my online time-- in a good way though!!


I do hope to be able to keep up with this thread and participate more. Claire's BB season is over in 3 weeks so that should open up some time, not having to drive to games/practices 4 days a week! Of course, as soon as one thing is over, there's always another to replace it. Lucas starts his competitive soccer season tomorrow. It's already 2 times per week and we're still two months out. It will be 4 times a week come April. Nathan & Claire do house league soccer so they're at least 2 times per week each. So, that will be 8-9 soccer practices/games per week from April to September. *sigh*


In OP news, I still have to decide if I'm going to commit to doing Core or if I'm going to sign up for WW online so I have access to the calculator. I have 3 days to make that decision while they're waiving the $25 joining fee......


Thanks for thinking about me buddies!! Bridget-- my kids have all done the Derby races many times. Claire's car won a couple of years ago and we still have the certificate!! Soda- That sounds like a nice birthday party. I've heard stories from friends of mine with teenaged daughters that aren't nearly that tame!!


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to go to and trying hard to get enough done so we can attend church on Sunday. That is the jest of my life everyday not just the weekKimberely there is an online free calculator if you want to use it instead of joining WW.


Michelle sorry about your nausea, hope you feel better really soon.


Soda - sounds like good food for the weekend


Teg - sorry that you have to limit computer time. I am on nearly 24/7. I work from home for myself so am on here constantly.


As far as my weekend......Same as always, work, work and did I say work and driving dd to whatever event she needs to go too.

B-steel cut oats with pumpkin pie spice and herbal tea


L-taco bell


D-inside outside egg roll left overs.

Never give up or look back,



:exercise: Mickee :exercise:






HW: 238

WW: 8/18/06--210


GOAL: 130

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Guest sodacracker

what a day.


DS 11 is changing schools next week to one with an LD class and we found out this morning. He was a mess, and tearful as he has so many good friends at his current school. I was tearful too as I love his school, but am so hoping this is the right thing for him.


Crazy or not we invited his whole class over on Sunday for a sledding

party and back yard campfire so the kids could spend some time together.



Stress eating urges were surging strong. I went too long without food as I had to do a ton of running around related to this news, but kept the WPA's to 20 as everything I ate was not a Power food.


40/49 used


DS has reverted to his younger self tonight and has made a nest of blankets on the sofa and is watching a childhood favourite children's video that he has not watched in years. Poor little guy.


All those vegetables I mentioned earlier will have to be dealt with is weekend as none of them were cooked today.

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Hi buddies!


Haven't had chance to check in today, the boys had a PED day & DH took the day off. Boy have we been busy!! The rooms are now ready for painting, the ceilings are done, furniture moved, edges taped....and a quick trip to buy painting supplies!


Food wise:

B: oatmeal

L: lite bread, FF cheese toasted sandwich, apple

D: baked 'fish & chips' (3 WPA's), apple


I am now looking forward to bed!



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