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SFT Sunday 30/365 - Potent Power Foods

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Guest sodacracker

Sledding party at our house today. I think there are about 10 kids in total, which is enough for me. I told their parents to dress them warm as they are spending the afternoon - I could not handle that many kids in the house.


We have the makings for s'mores, firewood and a layer of newspaper on the kitchen floor for when they have to come in and strip off outdoor clothes to go the bathroom. Like having puppies in the house. :bcb_bigsm


Becky - wow - good job on all that painting. That is how I work on projects - flat out and and until they are done.


I need a plan for today because there are treats in the house


B: rainbow smoothie - check


S: cooked cereal - check


l: brown rice with lentils and taco sauce, salad - missed this meal


S: shredded wheat with milk - had blueberries with it instead of milk


D: by this meal all the smore ingredients will be gone so I will see what DH makes. - had homemade vegetable soup, lite toast and a clementine

also had 4 graham crackers, 3 marshmallows and 4 squares chocolate


My potent power food is raw spinach and blueberries. I use those in the smoothies and it feels so good to know I am getting all the vitamins, phytochemicals and nutrients from these deeply coloured foods.


Your Potent power food today is?

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Soda - You're such a great mom. Sounds like a fun day ahead.


Is fresh spinach better than frozen? I like to use the frozen chopped spinach or kale in my green smoothies. I find that buying the bags-o-greens is discouraging since the good dark greens get slimy so quickly.


I will make mixed berries my power food of the day. And I'll add some frozen greens for good measure. I have gotten into a creamy banana smoothie, but I need to get back into the green ones, also. Hmmmm, maybe a green smoothie in the afternoon would be good.


Picked up some pizzas and cheesy bread from Little Caesar's last night. Ate one piece of cheesy bread abd inmmediately had indigestion. And, you know what...I was GLAD. Also, I started with a half a piece, and the "drug like reaction" was amazing. Amazing in a bad way....that whole category of fat/salt/and probably sugar in the crust is a potent drug.


Whose book got into that, the drug like effect of fat/sugar/salt? Was that Pollan that talked about that? And the way food companies manipulate food to have that "right" balance of fat/salt/sugar to get you hooked and "needing" more after each bite. Makes perfect sense. (Are quptations annoying?)


Yet ANOTHER reason to eliminate processed foods.


Have a healthy day.


CW 141.4 (the pound down yesterday was back up by half, but that is the fluctuation of day to day. If I weigh in at this tomorrow, I will still be down for the week.)




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Guest sodacracker

Hi Carolyn - a new face! :salut


teg I think frozen is fine. We buy a 1 lb tub or raw and because I am making it for 3 - 4 people it only lasts for about 4 days.


Just had a BIG bowl of oatmeal with some caramel flavouring- forgot I had these from a few years ago - still seemed to favour fine. http://capellaflavordrops.com/


Decided to do s'mores first thing when the kids get here then send them sledding to burn off the extra sugar. Also means the trigger foods will be eaten and out of my sight for the afternoon.


and teg, thanks!

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Soda - Sounds like a fun day indeed. I have never had over 1 extra child in my house at a time and that was only twice that I can remember, so 10 sounds like a large group to me. Hope you are able to get out there with them and have some fun.


I keep fresh blueberries almost all the time and think I will have them with cottage cheese this morning. Fresh spinach I am out of, but do buy it by the tub as well. We use it on sandwiches instead of lettuce and dd loves to eat it raw, but won't touch it cooked. It is a texture thing for her.


Not sure what i will fix today. I was thinking of a brisket as I got one from the farm that was grass fed. After watching that documentary Food, Inc. not sure I want to eat anything at all ever again. It is just terrible what they do to our food and how long it takes to get to us.


B-poached egg and toast


L-inside outside egg rolls


D-Brisket, potatoes, carrots and now peas.

Never give up or look back,



:exercise: Mickee :exercise:






HW: 238

WW: 8/18/06--210


GOAL: 130

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hey buddies!


Soda - have a fun afternoon!


Teg - I would imagine the ebenfits are there if the spinach is frozen, as it's frozen when fresh & oftern food starts to lose its vitamins etc when left around for too long.


Carolyn - welcome!


Mickee - hello!


I am busy putting the house back together. The paint looks fab.


Have a fab day buddies!

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Hi! Yes I am new "again" lol I have tried so many diets in the past. I did nutrisystem last year, lost 30 and have gained 20 of it back :(


I have tried low carb, and all diets. I am an emotional eater so I know I need to get that under control. I want a way of eating that I can actually LIVE with and feel healthy doing. On low carb I never felt like I was eating healthy with all the meats and fats.


I suffer from OCD so I really REALLY need to find a plan I feel good on. Anyway I weighed in at 229 this AM and want to get to 170 to start. I am 5'9


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