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Hello everyone, I am a newbie to this forum :salut


Approximately 5 years ago did WW and lost 40+lbs, and kept it off for over a year. Then my compulsive overeating got out of hand, I gained it all back (and then some), and tried/failed a ton of different diets (WW included...several times).


I have been a member of 12 Step programs for almost 6 years now, and have been in OA for almost 9 months. My OA abstinence is no binging, and 3 meals a day with 2 optional snacks. Things are much better for me now, but I haven't lost any weight. I think I've actually gained some. I have a great Step sponsor, but am thinking of getting a food sponsor and giving WW another shot as a supplement to my OA program.


Is there anyone on this board who works OA and does WW? Obviously anonymity is at stake here, so if you'd rather send me a PM that's fine. I'm just curious as to what people's experiences with this route have been like. Thanks!

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I don't do OA but have been in recovery since March 10 1988 for another addiction. I find that many of the same concepts practiced by 12-step groups is directly applicable here. Some of the same reasons people drink, drug or act out have the same underpinings as does compulsive overeating. My belief is you can apply the same principles to weight management and living healthy in WW as one would with 12-step groups.


Many of the same sayings always apply: It works if you work it; half measures avail us nothing; keep coming back; etc. And of course meeting attendance is key both to recovery and wt loss.


Life is good. . .

MO Platoon Member #184


This is for life.... :bcb_march


SW - 237.8 (March 16, 2006)


10% goal - 214.8 (5/18/06)


Lifetime goal - 184.0


Lifetime goal: 11/30/06 @ 183.2 lbs


WW lifetime membership: Jan 11, 2007


Current WT: 179.2 (5/5/2012)

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