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2 yrs later, back for help

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Hey guys,


So this is the deal. Two years ago I was about 5'9'', 17 years old, male, and weighed 215 pounds. I decided to go on WW (very old school program - the original one), and successfully lost weight until ~ 188 lbs. However, I then hit a standstill. I become extremely worried and found this place. People informed me of the new weight watchers program, points quiz, and points system (which is probably old by now). I was worried that I was eating too much, but I was actually eating too little. I was skeptical, but took everyone's advice. I gained weight for a week, then started to lose it again until i was down to 165.


Over the past two years, I have gained some back. Some muscle, some fat. I am now 19, 5'11'', and 190 lbs. Ideally, I want to go back to 155-165 by the end of the summer. I have been working hard for the past three weeks, have but seen no results and it is getting very frustrating. I am now coming to you guys - as a last resort - because you guys helped me out before. I hope to see similar success this time around. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong! Current Diet:


~300 g of fruit a day (split equally between strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)

~113 g of low fat cottage cheese

Sandwich with 4 ounces cold cuts (roast beef or chicken breast), 2 slices of kraft singles, and a keiser roll

two small dark chocolate cubes

8-10 oz of meat (typically chicken breast, sometimes fish, pork, or steak)

6-8 oz of starch (white rice or mashed potatoes)


I eat this pretty much daily. I lift weights 45 mins a day four days a week. I refuse to believe I expend many calories, because I usually don't break much of a sweat while lifting.

These past two weeks, I ran 5 miles a day no matter what (6 mph pace), however I want to start 20-30 mins of HIIT per day instead (30 second sprint, 90 second walk, repeat 10 times + few minute warm up and cool down). Here you guys go, please critique diet + lifting + cardio and please let me know why I am not losing weight. Thanks!

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