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2 yrs later, please help

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Hey guys,


So this is the deal. Two years ago I was about 5'9'', 17 years old, male, and weighed 215 pounds. I decided to go on WW (very old school program - the original one), and successfully lost weight until ~ 188 lbs. However, I then hit a standstill. I become extremely worried and found this place. People informed me of the new weight watchers program, points quiz, and points system (which is probably old by now). I was worried that I was eating too much, but I was actually eating too little. I was skeptical, but took everyone's advice. I gained weight for a week, then started to lose it again until i was down to 165.


Over the past two years, I have gained some back. Some muscle, some fat. I am now 19, 5'11'', and 190 lbs. Ideally, I want to go back to 155-165 by the end of the summer. I have been working hard for the past three weeks, have but seen no results and it is getting very frustrating. I am now coming to you guys - as a last resort - because you guys helped me out before. I hope to see similar success this time around. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong! Current Diet:


~300 g of fruit a day (split equally between strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)

~113 g of low fat cottage cheese

Sandwich with 4 ounces cold cuts (roast beef or chicken breast), 2 slices of kraft singles, and a keiser roll

two small dark chocolate cubes

8-10 oz of meat (typically chicken breast, sometimes fish, pork, or steak)

6-8 oz of starch (white rice or mashed potatoes)


I eat this pretty much daily. I lift weights 45 mins a day four days a week. I refuse to believe I expend many calories, because I usually don't break much of a sweat while lifting.

These past two weeks, I ran 5 miles a day no matter what (6 mph pace), however I want to start 20-30 mins of HIIT per day instead (30 second sprint, 90 second walk, repeat 10 times + few minute warm up and cool down). Here you guys go, please critique diet + lifting + cardio and please let me know why I am not losing weight. Thanks!

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It sounds like you are on a classic text book plateau my friend!! Mix up the volume and the make-up of your daily menus (throw in some variety) to keep your body guessing and working hard to metabolize the different foods it's getting. Sounds like the furnace knows the fuel that's coming and is "used" to it. Take it on a roller coaster ride and it'll never know what's coming and have to keep in high gear!! I have to confess, my M-F work lunches are fairly similar, but I switch between ham, turkey, and tuna fish, and also switch between sand. thins, whole grain english muffins and White Wheat lite bread. Usually apple or banana and yogurt or rice cakes (once in awhile FF pringles for a treat)! Dinners are usually always different (my wife takes care of that).


It sounds like your exercise routine is pretty well rounded, not sure what to offer there!! Sounds like you are getting a good mix of cardio and weights.


Not much help, I know, but that would be my advice.

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