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Back on my feet again!

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Its been awhile......after a long illness and "life" I am taking back control of my life! We just got word we are expecting our first grandbaby in February!! Im only 39, so being a young grandmother is going to be awesome! Therefore Im dedicating myself to "TAKING CARE OF MYSELF" so that I may take better care of those I love!

I want to feel better, eat better, sleep better and exercise better! I will take each day as it comes and put forth my best effort knowing that it is a journey. As of todays weigh in I am 157.5 pounds..........I would like to get down to 120 pounds......I CAN DO THIS!


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Welcome back! You got this!

HW: 297/ RESTART: 207.8/ CW: 205.6 / WWG: 146


10/18/2011: RESTART

:bcb_mad:*RNT is not an excuse.....it is a challenge!



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