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Points for a baked Potato?

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I had a small, plain baked potato this afternoon at Father's Day lunch, and when I went to WW online to enter it in, it said it was 7 points for a large, so I halved that to 4. I found this by looking up Baked Potato in their "add food" list.


Later, I was looking through some of the power up articles written by WW and it very clearly said that a small baked potato was 2 pts.


Now I'm confused. Why would it give me different points values based on whether I looked it up in their foods list to add to my points tracker, or in an article written by them? I'm not sure what to count it as now.

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The best way to know the points for a baked potato is to weigh it. However, if you are out and don't have a scale, that is kind of hard to do. The reason you're getting different points is probably because of the size. The 1/2 potato may not be weighing what half of the large potato did. Does that make sense?


I've heard that a large potato is the size of a light bulb.



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