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Question(s) about FLAX SEEDS?

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Can anyone tell me how to count flax seeds (rather than flax oil)?


I grind my own (in my coffee grinder) and need to know how to count them - for points. Also, can they fill an oil or partial oil serving? For example


How much is 1 tbsp (measured before ground) or

How much is 1 tbsp (measured AFTER ground)?


Or 1 teaspoon if that info is more readily available??? I add to yogurt and shakes to increase Omega 3's in my diet. I also make my own "bars" and would like to figure out the points as they keep well in the fridge and actually SATISFY me. TIA


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Whole flax seeds does not have any points as far as I know, because the body doesn't absorb them. Their benefit comes from the fiber! (so that cannot be counted against the oils!)


ground, not sure!




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