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When Did You Toss The Last Of Your "Fat" Clothes?

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Years ago. I don't remember when exactly.



"Just Do It"

Goal - 8/2/02

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Hmm, I don't remember when I got rid of them. I did do a big purge and then some small purges after that. I still have one pair of my "fat" jeans. Good old size 16's, and...I put them on from time to time as a reminder where I was, and that I am not going back there.


I am a size 4, and I never did get rid of my size 6's. I keep thinking I might need them. As I am approaching my another anniversary, I still haven't needed them, yet I am not planning to get rid of them either.:bcb_huh:


HW: 195.6/SW: 195.6

CW: 133 PGW: 138 WWGW: 155

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Oh I remember well. It was more than a year after I made goal. I put them in the garage. One day I was mooning over something disgusting and my son said "hey mom go ahead and eat it I can bring that box back in from the garage." Boy that got my attention. I was not going to eat it anyway but I donated the clothes that day. My son the writer with the good quotes.


I do wear my clothes loose though. That's just my sensory issues but they are fine and look great.


She was warned.

She was given an explanation.

Nevertheless, She persisted.

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I got rid of the clothes as I lost weight - giving them to Goodwill - keeping the tax receipt. It was like I dropped of the clothes at the donation door, went around front and picked up some smaller clothes as the weight came off - that made me feel good.

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Lifetime goal: 11/30/06 @ 183.2 lbs


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