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Which foods to have on hand

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Hello to all of you.. tomorrow I am making the plunge and joining WW and wondering what to have on hand that will be the most helpful. I have a basic idea about the diet but what do you suggest. Thannks so much for any ideas. What works for you"??????






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The foods that I like to have on hand are:


- fresh fruits and vegetables

- eggs

- Greek yogurt

- nonfat milk

- oatmeal (the old fashioned kind)

- canned tomatoes

- canned beans

- whole wheat pasta

- brown rice

- barley

- chicken broth

- low fat cheese (I like the Cabot 75% cheddar) and low fat string cheese

- boneless, skinless chicken breasts

- Jennie O Sweet Italian turkey sausage (we grind this ourselves and use it in place of beef in a lot of recipes)



"Just Do It"

Goal - 8/2/02

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