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Goodmorning Buddies! Just wanted to post these login tips for you guys since the forums are now private and require being logged in to read or post. These will make it easier to get on and read posts without having to type your name and password each time you return to the forums.


1st tip, and the easiest - Before you click the login button after entering your name and password, check the "remember me" check-box. This will store your login session and keep you logged in the next time you return to the forums (if your browser saves the "cookie"). This won't work if your browser clears the cookies after closing.


Another tip is to have your browser save your password. If you haven't already set it to "never remember" you can just click the remember password box when it pops up. I usually use this method - If you save your password in your browser, all you'll have to type is the first letter of your login name, then a drop down box appears with the rest of it. Click your name, then click the password field. It should auto fill the password. Then click login, or press enter and viola!


The methods to set that up vary by browser type. If you're not getting a remember password popup, check your browsers "options" and "security settings". You may be able to store the password manually in there.


Last but not least, if it is still an issue for members to quickly access the forums without logging in - I think I can make some server side adjustments that will keep you logged in based on our database, instead of cookies in your browser.


I know some of this probably sounds really technical, but once it's setup it is really easy!




Oh one more note, and fair warning! If you use a public computer, DON'T follow any of these instructions.


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