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"Go Bananas" with this yummy "Banana Bread Pudding" recipe!!

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Got Mushy Bananas?? crazy.gif

Make this yummy "Banana Bread Pudding" I just made up!!


8156-001-01-1052.gif 8156-001-01-1052.gif


Peggy's Banana Bread Pudding



1 Cup Fat Free Milk.......... 2 Points

4 oz Egg Beaters............. 1 Point

2 Mushy Bananas, mushed up .. 4 Points

1/8 C raisins................ 1 Point

1/2 C Spenda................. O Points (minimal cals)

Pumpkin Pie Spice............ 0 Points

4 slices reduced cal bread,

cut into cubes............... 2 Points


(Total of 10 points, divided by 5 servings, equals 2 Points per serving)


Mix all ingredients together in a medium caserole dish and bake uncovered at 350 degress for about 40 minutes or until pudding top is browned...


Remove from oven and let set up for 5 minutes (or as long as you can wait, LOL!!) and spoon the pudding into 5 small bowls or cups to make 5 equal servings.


Serve warm...


Recipe makes 5 servings of Banana Bread Pudding at 2 points each.



(This is yummy alone, but I'm sure would be fantastic served warm over fat free vanilla ice cream or yogurt!! tongue.gif )


Hope you like it!! :D I "thunk it up" this morning when I saw my black polka dotted mushy bananas that needed to be used up!! ;)


Hope you're having a great OP day today!! bcbsalute.gif


love & hugs,

peggy =)


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Restarted Fresh Jan 1st, 2013

49.6 pounds to my goal weight :bcb_smile


49 by 49!!

My Goal is to lose 49 pounds by by 49th birthday, Jan 21, 2014

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Good morning Peggy! wave.gif

I had some mushy bananas staring at me from the counter this morning too but I already made them into Triple B muffins--they should be ready in about 3 minutes! :D

I'm anxiously awaiting breakfast! ;)

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Sounds yummy!!! Thanks for sharing Peggy! smile.gif


I usually use my mushy bananas in the triple bran muffins or smoothies.



Made Goal 1/26/05:crazy:

Made Lifetime 3/9/05:headover:


Getting healthy is hard but NOT impossible!!!:)

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LOL Peggy!

I just noticed at the end of your post instead of saluting us you "saute"ed us!!

EDIT: and then by the time I got back you had already fixed it!!

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Hey Peggy I love bread pudding and bananas I think this recipe is perfect for me. I'll have to buy some more bananas so they can get mushy to make me some pudding! LOL

Thanks for the recipe.

Lori ;)

100lbs gone on 6-16-06


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110.2 lbs Gone Forever!!!!

Intentions make all the difference. Being mindful and attentive to your inner state is key to making outward changes that matter and last.

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