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What does Inactive member mean?

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What does it mean?

How do I change that???


Just asking as that is my designation right now.

Recomitted 4/10/04 280.3<br />1st Weigh In 276.2 4/20/04<br />2nd Weigh In 268.8 Loss 7.4 4/30/04<br />3rd Weigh In 267.0 Loss 1.8 05/7/04<br />4th Weigh In 265.0 Loss 2.0 05/14/04


Exercise Challenge April 2007 - 100 miles

April 16, 2007 - 3 and 97 to go...

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Sorry I'm just now seeing this - It just means you haven't been around on the forum in over a year. Once you start posting again you become 'active', which you've already done.


Belated Welcome Back!


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