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Sign in problems on iPad

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If I'm on my computer, I never have to sign in. If I'm on my iPad, I have to sign in each time. I always check "remember me" and it let's me in with no problem.


Recently, I sign in, it allows me start a new post and then when I hit "submit new thread", it tells me that I'm a guest and need to log in. When I do that, I've lost my post.


I'm so not a techie but I have had no problem with my laptop.


Thanks for any help you can give me.



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Hi Judee,


I'm not very familiar with the iPad, but it sounds like an issue with 'cookies' (hopefully you've heard this term)

Log in sessions are saved using them. If they are disabled on your browser you will see issues similar to what you've described.


I found an article that may apply to your iPad if it is using the Safari web-browser.



Following the section 'To Enable/Disable Cookies', you should be able to change your settings to allow cookies from our site, while still blocking third-parties and advertisers.


Please let me know if this resolves the sign in problems.


Best wishes!


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