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Pork chop and potato casserole

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Pork chop and potato casserole


Serving -4

Estimated POINTS per serving - 7

Course Main Meals




1 can Campbell’s healthy request cream of mushroom soup ...

4 -3 oz lean pork chops 2 med. potatoes

1/2 c. skim milk

1 small onion




Brown pork chops and sliced onion in Pam. peel and slice potatoes.

Spray a 9 by 13 pan with Pam and arrange potatoes in a single layer. In

A small bowl mix milk and soup. Pour over potatoes then put pork chop

And onion on top. Top with salt pepper and garlic salt. Cover pan tightly

With foil and cook for 1 1/2 hrs at 325. .

Special Notes

If the pork chops are thicker sometimes I will bake this dish 2 hrs. It is

Devine. I usually serve with broccoli and light Velveeta.

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You have posted a lot of great sounding recipes, I can't wait to try them. I'm cooking impaired odear.gif but these all seem easy enough that I am going to try them!


Thank you so much for posting the recipes!!! thumbup.gif

Have a great one!

Take care all<br />Sarah <br />CLWaterV2@aol.com

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mmmmm..sounds good, going to have to try it out...I wonder if you can do the same thing in the crock pot?? and if it will taste the same..

thanks alot for the recipe.. :D




sw 176

cw 135.5

ww gw 141

my gw 130


start ww 8/22/02

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goal 129!! made it!!!




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Yummy! I love pork chops! I'm going to try this one this weekend!


Thanks wave.gif barb


Member login: Barb2003


"The battle's inside of me, the fights begun but not yet won and I won't become, one more casualty"

Marty Casey


"In your eyes I am complete"

Peter Gabriel

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Ok I made this tonight. It was not bad. However I speeded up the process.


I used lean pork top sirloin cutlets(thin/no bones). I microwaved the potaotes after slicing for about 5 minutes. I baked at 425 as everything was already cooked. It gives you a decent serving.


I used Campbels 98% fat free cream of mushroom. My servings broke down to 6 as I had 6 cutlets. When I ran it through WW recipe builder it came out to 5.5 points.


pork 6 at 4 points each=24 points

soup 10 3/4oz =2 points

1/2c skim= 2 points

potato =6



34 points for 6 servings..which comes out to 5.6 about(ww rounds down to 5.5)


This is a nice winter meal.

SW 178<br />CW 137<br />GW 134<br /> Reached goal on 9/02. Recommitted 12/30. Goal by 2/16...cruise vacation !<br />If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

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Guest lisaanne

My family loved this :D me too! Easy to prepare and no clean up I put in all in a foil bag. This is one I will use again bcbsalute.gif

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