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Hi All! I know I was registered here years ago but cannot remember the old username so created a new account!

I am returning to WW after many many years away. The program is very different and I hope I can grasp it better now, than back when I left the program!


The struggle to drink water has always been brutal for me. As someone who nearly drowned in childhood that was sinking, swallowing and breathing in huge gulps of water. So attempting to gulp down water now, even consciously, has been like a mental block for me...with me going into self preservation mode.

Years ago at meetings we were told to get our water in at any cost and Crystal Light was the go to. It was completely sanctioned and I drank it all day long! I gave up aspartame years ago (almost wish I didn't) and yes there is a Crystal Light with stevia but that one has sugar in it as well. I am also Celiac and Diabetic now all these years later and try not to nurture that sweet tooth with sugar. Any and all tips are appreciated. As I know now a severe lack in water halts weight loss and causes a multitude of issues!


I am nervous returning as a very different person with multiple dietary challenges and I really want to make this work. I am hoping to learn from others and give back as well!


Bright Blessings!!!

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