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I'm new to the forum. It seems I can't access certain groups/posts until I post five times, is that correct?


I started this new topic because it doesn't seem to make sense to respond to posts from years ago. Is there a convenient way to view the most recent posts to identify active members? I'd love to connect with check-in buddies.


Thank you!


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Yes, you are correct. Welcome to the board. Check out some of the recipe or exercise boards and do a few posts. That will get you into the buddy boards. They had to start doing that because we got overwhelmed with random people who had no interest in the groups, but just wanted to post spam and porn. It keeps everyone safer.


Anyway, once you get in, find a group that looks like a good fit for you and then introducing yourself. Everyone is pretty welcoming and very supportive.


SW: 158.6 Dec 2010

G.W. 137


C.W. 125, Dec. 7, 2018

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