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  1. I loved the Kashi pizza. I like to make my own but some nights I need QUICK. I had it for one dinner and two lunches (with a big salad each time.) It is a flatbread w/w crust, not to everyone's taste and certainly not traditional. There is a company out of Vermont that sells a very similar product - they now do commercially available frozen pizzas too but they are much more expensive. I didn't enjoy the AMY'S pizza myself but many folks in my food co-op swear by them. There are so many differences in personal tastes that I rarely condemn any food outright - whatever it is, someone somewhere probably LOVES it!
  2. I add a bit of real maple syrup (from my food co-op) to the bottle of s/f. (Maybe 1/2 cup to an 18 oz. bottle) Mix it well. It makes the whole bottle taste and smell of maple. I am a fan of Mrs. Butterworth's brand. I actually prefer my own french toast to the diner version.
  3. You can also get individual cups of Blue Bunny Ice Cream at WalMart. They are 100 calories. i love vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit and one of these is just enough. we used to call these "Dixie cups' when I was a kid. I've noticed that a lot of markets carry a store brand.
  4. Isn't it great when we can have healthy "junk" food?
  5. I have such a thing for these that my husband took a picture of me standing in front of the Mount Olive sign at their processing plant in (where else?) Mt. Olive NC. At the corner of Pickle and Vine! Apparently there are lots of varieties that aren't shipped to NE. I have to make do with the Bread and Butter Slices, but I eat them all summer with EVERYTHING. They are good in a ww tortilla spread with hummus and lots of other chopped veggies.
  6. I bought them at Shaws - they are on sale until Friday for 2/$5. I really like them, although I avoided the carrot cake ones. I like the WW snacks too. I always have one box of sweet 100 calorie snacks and one box of something spicy. That way my cravings are covered. I bring them with me on car trips or to the movies, along with an apple or some baby carrots and a big bottle of water. I hope they never stop making these products!
  7. Most of the oil in this stuff is invisible : avoiding the sauce helps, but if you order take-out you can "lift" your portion out of the container with a slotted spoon and avoid a lot of the cooking liquid (mostly oil) that sinks to the bottom. I like to order plain steamed vegetables with my entree and then mix some of those with some of the entree. I sometimes get three meals out of one take-out order. I ask for extra steamed brown rice and it keeps for a week in the refrigerator. Some places are much more attentive to honoring requests. I have two places locally that will cut way back on the oil and they often have seasonal vegetables (asparagus!)
  8. You can also substitute coffee for the water, or use some of each.
  9. Along with the above suggestions, any health food store or food co-op would have carry them. Even the Super WalMart in my town has quinoa - and I don't live in a very exotic location! Try asking a store employee before you give up.
  10. Also in chocolate mocha and dulce de leche. The caramel is my favorite. I really like these - in fact, I like all of the flavors and keep several kinds in the refrigerator for 1 pt. desserts. Just sweet enough!
  11. For those of us who aren't fortunate enough to live near Amish or Mennonite communities, try your local health food store for sugar-free apple or pumpkin butter.
  12. Actually it mixes well with a similarly flavored diet soda, perhaps some fresh lime or lemon. I mix the lime with Clear American in Key Lime and a little sugar-free margarita mix. I shook it with ice and some lime juice. Yum. Not bad for one point.
  13. Do you drain and rinse the chickpeas?
  14. Blue Bunny and Schwann both sell these under their own brand names - they are cheaper!
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