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  1. Thanks, Marilyn for the wonderful ideas! I LOVE the vanilla/nutmeg suggestion! I'm going to give that a try for sure!
  2. I love a lot of the flavored yogurts, but they are not on the Core list.
  3. Because it is one of the few allowable dairy servings on core. My tastes are changing, but that was a big leap for me. I have been quite happy with a spoonful of sf/ff instant lemon pudding and half a cup of frozen blueberries mixed in.
  4. HI, Mo! Forgive me if I'm asking too personal a question, but is that adorable child in your avatar yours? Is he adopted? I only ask because I have a child from the country of Belarus, but she looks just like me, so unless we share that info, nobody knows, lol! Anyway from one adoptive mom to another (?)... hello!

  5. Hmmmm...you look familar! ;)

  6. paws2ink


    Cathy, I'm so glad you started this, as I find myself in much the same situation. Thanks to all who responded. I love your words and encouragement and am trying to hold on to them. Clara, thank you so much for the poem. It really spoke to me!
  7. Thanks so much for your responses... Rainy, I have already found my tastes changing. I really enjoy how 'clean' food can taste, and I agree that it is something I can get used to gradually. Unfortunately, Splenda gives me headaches so I have to seriously limit my usage of it. I am going to try more fresh fruit. TInka, I actually bought the GV Walmart brand, and after rolling your post around in my mind for a few days, I actually tried a spoonful, straight. Okay, I'll concede it's not too bad. I think I'll still dress it up for awhile, tho. Katie, I'll have to give the pumpkin thing a try. DH is a pumpkin fiend, and I'm learning to like it better every year. I'm always open to more suggestions!!
  8. I tried a spoon of ff/sf lemon pudding mix in it and I liked it. What else??
  9. While reading thru some of the awesome recipes here, I have seen people mention using fructose instead of Splenda. What is fructose, and what form does it come in, and where do you get it? How would you substitute it, I mean what would be the ratio? Is fructose core, or would it be counted as points? Are there any other substitutes you know of? What do you know about stevia? Could it possibly be used instead? Please, please somebody help me out! I really want to make some of these recipes and NOT get a headache!
  10. I, also added info and it's not showing. Does it take a little time to process??
  11. I have chosen my destination. I am going to walk to St. Louis, 220 miles. I'll virtually visit my DD there.
  12. I think I'd like to join you all as well, just to have something to motivate me. I'm not the most diligent exerciser, so maybe a challenge will give me a little push. My Omron pedometer needs a new battery, so I'll try to use one of the cheapies we have around until I can get it replaced, hopefully tomorrow. Are we supposed to choose a 'destination'?
  13. Name: Dawna Where: central Indiana Married: 23-1/2 yrs to the guy I adore! (my super-nerd!) Kids: DD1-20, DD2-9 Occupation: Mom, wife, domestic goddess Sports: Not if I can help it. Hobbies: Rubber stamps, paper crafting, reality tv, news junkie WW History: Joined in 1985, lost 25 pounds. :bcb_happyGot pg and ate for more than two, gained a LOT, woke up one day with fat rolls on my knees, :bcb_mad2started exercising like crazy and eating sensibly, maintained for about 3 years, got busy and weight wasn't a priority, so gained back a LOT again. Started WW in Jan '08 with Flex, totally stalled out over the summer, just decided to try core this week...
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