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  1. So I've been going to the gym faithfully and eating within points etc. and still really haven't seen the scale move. Monday was the first day back at work after summer vacation. So I saw a lot of people that haven't seen me since late May. The principal's secretary immediately said - "you look like you've lost a LOT of weight!" Two more teachers today told me the same thing - they wanted to know how many pounds, how many clothing sizes, etc. I'm still at less than 1 pound down from the beginning of summer. And when I bought new clothes, they weren't in a smaller size - but I found that it wasn't hit or miss as to whether or not I could fit into that size. Everything I tried on that was "my size" fit. Before, some things would fit but others would be too tight. So I guess I have my answer! I am not losing pounds, but I am losing inches. Eventually, perhaps the scale will catch up to my body - but for now, I'll keep working out and eating right. Personally, I'd rather lose nothing but have people notice that I look smaller than lose a bunch of pounds that aren't evident to anyone! And another NSV: I seem to have developed quite a bit of definition in my legs, esp. my calves. I was shaving this morning and sat on the edge of the tub with my leg inside the tub. As I flexed, there was a big 'ole bulge where my calf muscle is! I thought WTH is that???? Then I realized - THAT is what hours of zumba and elliptical trainer with some strength training will do!
  2. Yeah! I finally went down something this morning - not a lot, just .6 lbs - but at least that is SOMETHING. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15. I did have a check-up with the dr last year and they tested all sorts of things, and he didn't say there was anything horribly out of whack. He did suggest less white bread and boring carbs since PCOS sufferers tend to be insulin resistant - but my insulin levels were OK, so no treatment was necessary on that. I'm usually eating my WP or my AP - not both, because I'm just not that hungry. I'll try eating everything and see how that goes. I am journaling and measuring, and even if I'm off just a little bit here or there, it's probably covered by the AP/WP that I'm not eating. I may also try doing the Filling Foods for a week or two, although I have to say that's pretty close to what I've been eating now. I did Core in the past and did lose quite a bit, so maybe that's just better for me. I try to be conservative on my APs earned. When I do elliptical, I can track the heart rate, as well as set weight and age. If I do 28 minutes, that generally comes out to be 300 calories per the machine. Since 28 is the minimum and then I do 15 minutes of strength training on those days, I am counting the whole workout as 3 AP. For Zumba, it's 45 minutes - I used the AP calculator but they don't really have Zumba (or at least they didn't the last time I looked) so I used jazzercise instead and came up with 3 AP per 45 minutes. I plan to also take my measurements and track those, since WW offers that now. I was looking at my stomach last night and it DOES look like some of the belly has gone away - just not enough to change my overall waist size to the point where I can fit into a smaller size.
  3. I joined a gym in late April. I have been working out 4-5 times a week during the school year, and then 5-6 times a week once summer vacation got here. I've been keeping track of my points. There was a two week period when I was in Hawaii where it was tricky to do that (hard to keep track when you're eating out so much, but I did my best - I tried to make healthy choices, and ate lots of salad and fruit), but I definitely got exercise while I was there, walking and swimming every single day. I came back June 22 and hopped right back into the gym routine. I do strength training twice a week (not a lot of it, the trainer I saw for my initial consultation said I needed to focus more on cardio to lose the fat since I probably had enough muscle, it was just covered by the fat), and cardio 5-6 times a week. I started out in April really pushing it to do 8 minutes on the elliptical, but now I do a minimum of 28 minutes, usually more - intervals with resistance. I also do Zumba twice a week, 45 minutes each time. I started out struggling to make it through the class but now can do it and I'm working on pushing the intensity a bit. I even tried cycling (spinning) a couple of weeks ago and made it through the class without having to stop for a break. I've noticed a few changes in my body but not nearly as much as I expected. It's been 3 months now and I haven't lost a single pound. Not one. I notice that my clothing is fitting slightly better, but only a little bit. I've noticed that while my calves used to hurt doing the samba in Zumba class, they don't anymore. But that's about it. And I'm thinking - all of that work for what? I could deal with the scale not moving IF I were seeing smaller clothing sizes or something noticeable. I am not seeing that, though. I've been working pretty hard - cooking fresh foods, more veggies than ever before, not buying the junk, watching portion control and earning those APs. It just feels like this isn't really working and I need to change something to jump start things. I've lost before on WW - and always before I've lost without doing nearly as much work! I would walk the dog at a leisurely pace and do more prepared foods and yet steadily lost .5-1.5lbs per week. I had really thought that by the end of the summer I would be down about 10 pounds or so, or in a smaller size. Nope! It's disappointing to say the least.
  4. From what I've heard, you should look at both the GI and the GL of foods - watermelon does indeed have a high GI, but a low GL. His concern was definitely with the carbs. He said people eat way too many carbs, largely because they overestimate their caloric needs and the amount of calories in the portion they are eating. He didn't say anything about fruits at all - just the "big four" - bagels, bread, potatoes and rice. I don't eat a lot of potatoes, even on core maybe 2-3 times per week at most. I like being able to drink skim milk and eat fruits as much as I want. It was the "little rules" that I didn't like about core that made it difficult for me at times - the Yoplait light yogurt counting as 2 points, but FF yogurt mixed with SF jam was odd to me, since yogurt is definitely not a trigger food for me. I never saw why 100 calories of SF/FF yogurt was 2 points, but 100 calories of FF yogurt with SF jam was core. According to the dr, things like yogurt aren't my problem - it's the things like rice and potatoes and pasta that ARE core that make it difficult to lose weight. I guess I can't really do too much until I get back to him so he can tell me what the tests showed.
  5. The nurse called back yesterday but they closed early and I didn't get a chance to talk to him before then. So I'm thinking they got the tests back. The only modification he really sounded like he would suggest was the starch thing. He said to avoid potatoes and rice and pasta and didn't really make allowances for one potato per day, or brown rice or whole wheat pasta. So while Core may allow these things, he may say they aren't really that good if I have IR. Then again...he may say it's OK but not to eat more than XX servings per day/week.
  6. I saw the GP yesterday and he mentioned Metformin but wanted to run the tests first. So I did thyroid, insulin resistance and cholesterol testing yesterday morning. He also mentioned Atkins as being more in line with PCOS friendly. I asked him about WW and he said that works as well, but limit the amount of carbs you get - rice, potatoes, pasta and I forget the fourth one he said. I really don't like Atkins with the no/low carb thing, so I will try Core again with a couple of modifications per his suggestions. I guess once he gets the test results I'll find out about the metformin. In the meantime, the BCP is being used to regulate things and cut down cancer risk.
  7. In some ways the GI thing would be less restrictive (like being able to eat the Yoplait rather than mixing plain yogurt with the jam), in some ways more restrictive (potatoes). I'm going to ask the dr on Friday what he thinks would be best - and I'm definitely going to ask about the metformin. That might just be the boost I need. I know that flex was NOT working for me at all! The BP thing was discovered at my dentist's office, by chance. I had a filling fall out and just happened to be in the same shopping center as the dentist. They took my BP (they do that regularly, I think) and found it to be high. Then at the gyn it was high as well. I work in a school, so I can see the nurse any time and check it when I'm not under the "white coat" stress possibility - but I know my mom has had high BP for several years, so it won't be a huge surprise if I do have it.
  8. I went to see the gyn this past week and talked to him about the fact that in the 18 months since I went off BCP, my weight has gone up 40 pounds. I haven't been pigging out (although I wasn't sticking to WW either), but certainly wasn't eating enough calories to put on that weight without something else being a contributing factor. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 and kept it under control through BCP. Then I took a break from the pill and ended up with a huge weight loss and rarely got a period. The gyn said I really should be doing a low glycemic index diet - he even mentioned Atkins, although he said he didn't recommend Atkins per se. I've done Core before and lost 18 pounds, so I know Core can work - it just works very, very slowly for me. The gyn said I likely have insulin resistance, which is why it is harder to lose in general doing the typical WW diet. From what I've read, Core and GI can work well together, but there are a few things that fit the GI that aren't core - the non-fat SF yogurt is fine for GI, but isn't core. White pasta is fine on GI b/c of the low glycemic load, but it's not core. And a lot of the frozen meals that are a meat serving and a veggie serving would be considered low GI, but not core. And there are some things that are core but not low-GI - potatoes are allowed on core (within limits) but aren't low-GI. So I would really need to take a good look at the core list and find out what should be added or taken away in order to be consistent with the dr's recommendations. I have an appt with the general physician this Friday to discuss the fact that my blood pressure is also up recently. This is also something that happens with the PCOS. Has anyone managed to mesh the two? What sort of adaptations need to be made to the Core list to stay within the bounds of a low GI diet?
  9. We love this stuff! The nearest TJ's is a bit of a drive so we don't go often, but they are closing that one and building one in our neighborhood. We were so disappointed, they were ALL OUT of the mandarin chicken yesterday. Bummer...who knew it was so popular?
  10. I first did WW back in 2002. I lost 49 pounds doing it on my own, and was 1 pound away from goal. Then I got unexpectedly pregnant in early 2004. My "bonus baby" was born in 8/04, and I was up 60 pounds. I nursed her for 18 months, then joined WW meetings last September. I lost 16 pounds on Core, but then had to stop going to meetings in February due to my work schedule changing. I've now gained it all back and am starting again at 200 pounds. I signed up for WW online in September. I figured knowing that I was paying for it would make me more likely to follow it, but it turns out I was wrong. I just have NO motivation. Before, I did feel very gung-ho about it, I had lots of will-power, etc. Now I just feel so unmotivated to do much of anything. I haven't been going crazy and eating everything in sight, and I'm still exercising daily (only 2AP, walking the dog each morning, but at least I'm exercising!). So I haven't gained a bunch in the past month - but I haven't lost any either. I'm ready to try Core again, but I have to say - it's going to be one hour at a time right now. I'd love to have that burning feeling inside like I did the first time around - a goal that I wasn't going to be thwarted from reaching - no way, no how! I just haven't felt that sort of motivation since the first time I did WW. How do you get motivated? I know that with a lot of things - smoking, drugs, etc. - you can't quit until you want to quit. Sure, you can make it for a while just forcing yourself to go along - but as soon as difficulties arise, it's hard to stick with it unless you really WANT it. I know I'll be more successful if I have the fire inside instead of just bumbling along, following the plan but not really getting excited about it.
  11. I know this seems like a joke, but it really isn't. And I did a search but the word Wii is too short, so maybe it has already been discussed. Have any of you tried the Wii and counted it for APs? I've been playing the sports game with my kids and found that, believe it or not, it DOES get my heartrate up and if I were to keep doing it, I'd probably break a sweat. Specifically, I'm talking about the boxing. Basically, you're moving and dodging and punching, just as if you were shadow-boxing. Even the bowling and tennis, my arm felt like it does after doing a little strength training. Has anyone else found the same thing? And do you count the APs for it? OK - I did a little searching and came up with this link: http://wiinintendo.net/2007/01/15/wii-sports-experiment-results/ The guy calculated 125 calories burned in a 15 minute period doing boxing, 92 calories for tennis, 77 for bowling. So I'm not crazy - you really can work up a sweat for this! I wonder how long it will be before someone comes out with fitness videos for the Wii? Only a matter of time, I would guess.
  12. What dismays/surprised me was that this was their ONLY RF offering for dressings. I go to BK, McD, Sonic, or any other FF place and they do have something that truly is light or FF. I go to the store and see several varieties of reduced fat dressing - Ranch included! - and somehwo they are able to get it down to 7g fat per serving. But Whataburger only offers dressing with 22g fat in it? That's crazy! I find that FF can be part of my plan, so long as I stick to the healthy stuff. Most restaurants do offer something that can be part of that plan. Not Whataburger.
  13. Simply unbelievable. I went to Whataburger a couple of weeks ago and ordered a salad with RF dressing. They gave me one packed of RF ranch dressing. I looked at the nutritional info and was shocked - 22g fat, 230 calories, soybean oil is the #2 ingredient. Now I know they can do it better than that - even Hidden Valley ranch only has 7g fat in their light dressing! So I e-mailed their customer service to tell them I was shocked that the RF product was so horrible, nutrition-wise. They e-mailed me back saying that since the 22g was at least 25% less fat than their regular dressing, they felt justified in calling it RF. OK, they are technically correct. But you can certainly not feel that that would be considered a HEALTHY choice, or the best they could possibly offer.
  14. I went to Whataburger today, not my choice - but that's where my colleagues wanted to go. We're teachers, we don't get to eat out together very often, so I went. I ordered the grilled chicken garden salad. Tomatoes, lettuce and grilled chicken, that's it. I asked for some light dressing. They gave me one packet of RF Ranch dressing. I opened it and got ready to pour it on my salad. Then I noticed the nutrition info - 22g of fat, 230 calories (200 from fat!) and the second ingredient was soybean oil. WTH are they thinking? If this is the reduced-fat stuff, I would hate to see what the REGULAR stuff has in it! Even Hidden Valley Ranch is what, 7g fat for the light stuff? I ate my salad without dressing. It was fine, since the chicken had spices in it. But I also wrote to Whataburger corporate to ask what's the deal with the so-called RF dressing.
  15. I forgot to calculate before I left home for my sandwich, and I don't have my slider with me. I'm guessing 1, but want to be sure. 2 slices = 80 cal thanks!
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